I received an Oxbow Timothy Mat from Chewy.com in exchange for my honest review.

My daughter got a guinea pig for Christmas last year, and she loves getting goodies for her piggy (Nutemg).  She was very excited to come home from school to find that she had received an Oxbow Timothy Mat from Chewy.com. 

Oxbow Timothy Mat

This is a neat product, and something different from other products we have tried for our small animals.  It is a woven mat that comes in two sizes, and is made entirely of Timothy Hay.  It is edible but can be used for other purposes as well.

Oxbow Timothy Mat

We unwrapped the mat, and my daughter set it in her room while she went to get her guinea pig out of the cage.  While she was off getting Nutmeg, the cat wasted no time checking out the mat!  No worries, we were able to switch off so the cat left and the guinea pig could enjoy the mat.

Oxbow Timothy Mat

What we like about this mat is that it is just hay.  No strings or wires or anything that could be of concern.  We have had other accessories or treats that use dyes or materials that we would rather not have.  It is nice to have a product that is completely healthy for our pets.

oxbow mat

Nutmeg hangs out on the mat in my daughter’s room.  It gives her something to nibble and lounge on.


Nutmeg is a pretty big guinea pig, and the large mat is a nice size, with plenty of room.  She enjoys lounging on her mat!


This is a nice product, and it is nice to have something different from the usual treats.  Plus, it is all natural!

Visit Chewy at http://www.chewy.com

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