There are so many great guinea-pig themed toys out there. Whether you have guinea pigs, or just love guinea pigs, or animals in general, these are all fun ideas for toys and gifts.

We have 5 guinea pigs, so we are familiar with a lot of guinea pig toys, as they make for great gifts!

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Little Live Pets – Mama Surprise

The Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Guinea Pig set is a hot new toy! You tend to the mama guinea pig, and will be rewarded with a surprise baby!

I like the unique idea behind this toy, and it has a cute design, with the hutch and accessories.

American Girl – Courtney’s Guinea Pig

American Girl always has some neat accessories, and this one is so fun! We love the cage and the little pretend wood hideout.

The description for this is so cute! “Courtney shares a room with her stepsister, Tina, and her guinea pig, Parsley. Tina thinks he’s “grody,” but Courtney loves him because he was a gift from her dad. She takes good care of him and feeds him his favorite food: parsley!”. Parsley is an adorable name, and the accessories make it a fun set.

You can find this set at American Girl.

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Le Toy Van Wooden Daisylane Bunny & Guinea Play Set

We have always liked wooden toys, and this looks like a cute set. It is dollhouse size, so it makes a perfect addition to a dollhouse, or simply something to place on display. The Le Toy Van Wooden Bunny & Guinea Pig Play Set is made from sustainable wood and non-toxic paints.

Plush Guinea Pigs

Plush toys are always a hit in our house, and there are so many cute plushes out there! You can find a variety of plush guinea pigs, as well as a Guinea Pig Squishmallow! You can also find lots of guinea pig plushies on Etsy, and you can even order custom ones that look like your guinea pig.

Playmobil Small Animal Boarding Set

The Playmobil Small Animal Boarding Set has cute guinea pigs in it, as well as other adorable small pets. For guinea pig and animal lovers in general, this is a nice set that offers lots of imaginative play as well.

Schleich Farm World Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch Toy Set

This Schleich Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch set is a fun idea even for older kids who want to have a little something to decorate their shelf.

There are other versions as well, like the Schleich Farm World Picnic with Little Pets Playset.