Jello Simply Good

I received samples in exchange for my honest review.

** Read update at the bottom of this post; this product has been discontinued.

I am a big label reader, between my daughter’s peanut allergy and looking for ingredients that I feel are wholesome and safe for my family.  I was excited to hear about Jell-O Simply Good, a line of Jell-O products that have simple, natural ingredients.

I let the kids open the box when it arrived, without realizing what was inside.  They were so excited to find a variety of Jell-O Products, including gelatin and pudding in lots of great flavors!  They couldn’t wait to make a bunch of these Jell-O mixes, and one of the things that I think makes Jell-O so fun is that the pudding and gelatin can be prepared quickly and easily.

My younger daughter can be picky about food, so I let her pick out a flavor first.  She chose the Strawberry Gelatin.  There are four awesome flavors of the Simply Good Gelatin, so it was a tough choice for all of us!

Jello Simply Good

The gelatin is so easy to make: mix the powder with hot water and chill in the fridge.  Because it just requires mixing, the kids could handle making this on their own (being careful about the hot water).

Jello Strawberry Simply Good

The pudding line also has four great flavors.  Although we normally don’t make pudding very often at all, we found ourselves making one every night, and finishing the whole bowl between the four of us.

Jello Pudding

The first flavor of pudding that the kids chose was of course the Chocolate, which I figured would be on the top of their list!  The pudding is also very easy to make, by mixing the powder with milk and allowing to chill in the fridge.

Jello Chocolate Pudding

Of course, the chocolate pudding turned into making a “dirt and worms cup”.  We have a pantry of dye-free, nut-free items on hand, so the kids were thrilled to have this treat after dinner.

Jello Pudding
Jello Vanilla Bean Pudding

One of my favorites is the Vanilla Pudding, which kind of brought me back to my childhood.  My mom used to make tapioca pudding all the time, and this reminds me of that great vanilla flavor.

Simply Good takes fun, yummy products and makes them even better!  We have had so much fun with these Jell-O Simply Good gelatin and pudding packets.  The kids loved picking out different flavors and actually making them on their own.  These treats are easy to make and every night, we share another pack of pudding or gelatin.

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** UPDATE: I couldn’t find this product anywhere, so I looked online and found this:

Since this product has been discontinued, I have found others that are similar, like these Simple Mixes.

Amazon has plenty of options, and you can also likely find ones at places like Whole Foods.