Guinea pigs are adorable little creatures. It is always good to spend some time with your guinea pig, giving them attention. There are lots of great ways to spend time with your piggy!

Here are some fun activities you can do with your guinea pig.

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1. Cuddle and bond

Guinea pigs love human interaction and enjoy being gently cuddled and petted. Spending quality time with your guinea pig helps build trust and strengthens your bond. We like to hold our guinea pigs in small pet blankets to make them comfortable and also protect against accidents on our clothing.

2. Set up a playpen

Create a safe small pet playpen area for your guinea pig using wire grids or a specially designed playpen. Fill it with tunnels, hideouts, and toys for them to explore. It allows them to stretch their legs and provides mental stimulation.

Cute guinea pig

3. Teach them tricks

Guinea pigs are intelligent and can be trained to perform simple tricks. You can teach them to come when called, navigate obstacles, or even jump over small hurdles using positive reinforcement and treats. We trained our guinea pigs to squeal on command when we whistle (by giving them food any time we whistle).

4. Provide enrichment

Keep your guinea pig mentally stimulated by providing various forms of enrichment. This can include hiding treats in puzzle toys, offering new textures to explore (such as cardboard or fleece), playing with stacking cups, or providing them with foraging opportunities by hiding food in their bedding. You can also find foraging or enrichment toys for guinea pigs to find hidden foods.

5. Create an exploration course

Design a mini obstacle course using tunnels, ramps, and low hurdles for your guinea pig to navigate. It can be an entertaining way to encourage exercise and exploration. Make sure these items are safe for your guinea pig.

6. Take them outdoors

Guinea pigs can enjoy supervised outdoor time on a sunny day. Create a secure and enclosed space for them in your backyard or consider using a portable covered outdoor enclosure. Ensure they are protected from predators and avoid extreme temperatures. We always put a top on their outdoor enclosure, so that hawks or other predators cannot get to them. In the picture above, we used an old travel cage top, and set it in the grass so the guinea pigs could graze with something over them.

7. Offer Food Variety

Guinea pigs have specific dietary requirements, but you can still provide them with a variety of safe and healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs as treats.

Make sure to introduce new foods gradually and consult a vet if you have any concerns.

8. Photo Shoot

Guinea pigs are incredibly photogenic. Set up a mini photoshoot with small props and cute accessories, and even use some inexpensive photography backdrops. Capture their adorable expressions and share the pictures with friends and family.

9. Have a Party

Maybe it is your guinea pig’s birthday or another holiday – come up with a fun celebration! For Halloween we took pictures in some fun costumes, and gave the guinea pigs pieces of cut-up pumpkin. There are lots of fun ideas when it comes to celebrating!

Remember, when engaging in any activities with your guinea pig, prioritize their safety, well-being, and comfort. Always supervise them closely, provide a stress-free environment, and ensure they have plenty of fresh water and a balanced diet.

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