We have had many guinea pigs over the years, and we currently have 7 piggues! For most of our cages, we use washable guinea pig cage liners, instead of bedding.

I received a product sample in exchange for my honest review.

We recently tried the Luftpets Guinea Pig Cage Liner with our guinea pigs. We have a Midwest Guinea Pig Cage, and we like using reusable liners. With liners, you simply switch out and wash the liner when it gets dirty.

I prefer the LuftPets Guinea Pig Liners to messy bedding and having to lug bedding home from the store. It is good to have a supply of liners, and you can get a one unit pack, two unit pack, and a 3 unit pack!

My daughter also has allergies, so it is good to reduce dust from bedding as well.

The LuftPets Guinea Pig Cage Liners simply cover the cage floor. It has a waterproof bottom layer so that the liner does not leak, and is also non-slip on the bottom. We have never had a problem with it shifting or bunching, and is much better than having bedding flying everywhere!

Once it is time to change the liner, I simply roll or fold it up and shake it out in the trash, and then shake it outside just to remove any other debris or hair. I rinse it out in our utility sink, and then toss it in the wash.

The liner washes easily in the washing machine. I try to sun dry when possible just to freshen it up.

The nice thing about this LuftPets liner is that the material is different from other liners. Most other liners are fleece, whereas this is a different type of material, and things like hay and fur do not stick to it very well. Probably one of the biggest challenges with liners has been trying to clean them off before they go in the wash, and that is not an issue with the Luftpets liner.

We have several older guinea pigs, and I am sure that the soft liner feels good on their paws.

Overall, this is a great liner to have, whether you use it in your pet’s cage or for a play time mat. It feels soft, doesn’t get debris stuck to it like other liners, and washes out easily. Plus, it is a more economical liner than others, and you can purchase them in sets of 1, 2, or 3.

You can find the liners at Luftpets or Amazon.

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