Lisa Loeb Lullaby Girl

I received a copy of Lullaby Girl in exchange for my honest review.

I have always enjoyed Lisa Loeb’s music, and she just released her newest album, “Lullaby Girl”.  This lovely collection of songs is enjoyable for kids and adults alike.  This is an Amazon original family music album, which you can find through Amazon as digital or hard copies, or it can be streamed through their music services.

Loeb’s voice is perfect for an album like this, with a softness in her vocals.  The album is fun too, in that I recognized a lot of the songs like “Don’t Stop” and “Dream a Little Dream”, which made it that much more catchy to sing or follow along.  It is a relaxing album that is great to have on in the evening or other times you want to have down time.

I enjoyed this quote from Lisa Loeb about “Lullaby Girl”:

“I’m so excited for everyone to hear this collection of classics recorded with an amazing group of musicians. I feel like we’ve come up with a new take on classics that people will really enjoy. We live in a time where everything happens so quickly, but with this album, you’ll be able to slow it all down and relax.”

Her thoughts really ring true with me.  I find myself racing to work in the mornings, keeping busy through the day, powering through evenings of homework and swim practice and weekends of sports meets and events.  Sometimes we need to find those moments to step back and slow down.  Music is a great way to change your mood, and the same way that some music can make me really agitated, an album like “Lullaby Girl” is soothing to the soul.

Lisa Loeb

There are 13 great songs on this album:

  1. “Be My Baby”
  2. “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”
  3. “Close Your Eyes”
  4. “Dream A Little Dream”
  5. “In My Room”
  6. “O-o-h Child”
  7. “Rainbow Connection”
  8. “All The Pretty Horses”
  9. “Lullaby Girl”
  10. “Inch Worm”
  11. “What The World Needs Now”
  12. “Dream Is A Wish”
  13. “Tomorrow”

Be sure to check out Lullaby Girl on Amazon, available October 7, 2017.

You can listen to samples of the songs an Amazon as well.

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