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I have recently become familiar with essential oils.  While I am just starting out, I know I have a lot to learn about oils, as there are so many, and so many uses!

So you have some essential oils – now what?  There are endless ways to use oils.  Got Oil Supplies is a store that offers just about any essential oil tool you can think of.  To name a few..

~ glass bottles
~ plastic containers
~ amber glass jars
~ vials
~ bottles
~ orifice reducers
~ spray caps to make spray bottles
~ nasal sprayers
~ oral sprayers and throat sprayers
~ glass droppers
~ regular jars with lids
~ roller bottles
~ lip balm containers
~ chapstick tubes
~ deodorant, spray, and salve containers
~ aromatherapy tools 

These tools are great whether you are using essential oils at home, or maybe you are a distributor and need supplies.  I have even done projects with my kids where we make a big batch of lip balm tubes or pots of lip balm, and Got Oil Supplies is a great place to stock up.

I can’t say I have a ton of essential oils – yet – but I love these totes for organizing your supply on the go!

Essential oils Tote

Got Oil Supplies has some cool products that are new and trending too, like a selection of essential oil jewelry. They have some really neat stuff, like terracotta pendants and these lava necklaces.

Got Oil Supplies

With so many products to choose from, you can put your essential oils to so many different uses.  Plus if you create products to sell, their bulk items are great for your product lines and wholesale.

Visit Got Oil Supplies at:

Got Oil Supplies


Got Oil Supplies
bag, lip balms and DIY kit (shown above)

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