Guinea pigs are a great first pet for kids.  We have had several different pets, and guinea pigs are definitely our favorite.  There are lots of reasons they make wonderful starter pets and are a good match for kids.

Thinking about getting some small company that doesn’t take up much space and keeps your kid occupied?  Think about getting a guinea pig!

Both of our kids have guinea pigs, and it has been a great experience.  They love their pets.

Here are some of the top reasons guinea pigs are wonderful pets:

1. They are cute 

Kids are drawn to guinea pigs because they are so cute and cuddly!  They can be active, but they can also be a cuddly friend in your lap, and most of them don’t bite.  I don’t think I have ever met someone who didn’t think our guinea pigs are cute.  We even taught our guinea pigs to squeal for food when we whistle.

2. They are a good size

Guinea pigs are a great size, and they don’t run away like smaller animals (such as hamsters).  They are comfortable to hold in your lap, and usually don’t run off.  (Most guinea pigs run when you go to pick them up, but that is normal).  We have owned numerous hamsters, and they are always on the move and a bit fragile compared to guinea pigs, and we found that their small size did not make them cuddly.

3. They are easy to care for

Guinea pigs are fairly low maintenance, and you can even leave them home for a few days if you go away for a weekend. Guinea Pig HQ explains that they do need a roomy cage, but most often a cage can fit in your child’s room or common space.

Guinea pigs require a food to forage on (such as this one), hay, water, and fresh veggies.  In general, they are pretty easy to care for.

4. They teach responsibility

Guinea pigs are a great way for kids to learn responsibility for a pet.  There are times we have to remind the kids to clean their guinea pig’s cages, but it is part of the process.  You can pick a day of the week that your child should change the cage, and make a guinea pig chore chart as needed.

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