Our guinea pigs are so cute, and even cuter when they get excited over treats! Over the years, we have learned which treats are their favorite, and we also learned which ones are the best for them as well. We also trained the piggies to get excited when we whistle, as they know treats are headed their way when we do so!

Just like junk food for people, we stay away from treats that have unhealthy ingredients in them. Here are the kinds of things we stay away from when we choose treats:

~ Seeds, corn, too much of any fruit or veggie

~ anything with dyes or artificial flavors 

~ treats containing dairy (such as yogurt drops)

Chewy Oxbow Guinea Pig Treats

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Pea Flakes

Pea flakes are hands down our guinea pig’s favorite treat.  They absolutely love these tasty treats.  These should be given in moderation, and make for a fun treat to give.  Our piggies always beg for these!

Hay Cubes

Hay cubes are not necessarily a treat, but the guinea pigs do enjoy chewing on these blocks of compressed hay. It gives them something to forage on, and helps to wear down their teeth to a healthy length.

Homegrown grass

We don’t let the guinea pigs forage outside due to possible chemicals on the grass, or other factors such as predators (cats, hawks, etc).  Every so often, we grow our own trays of grass in a seed sprouting tray for the guinea pigs, and they love it!  Read my Tips for Growing Grass with a Seed Sprouter.

Dried greens, flowers, etc.

Our piggies have really enjoyed dried flowers and other dried treat mixes. There are some great mixes out there, sometimes packaged as a foraging mix.


There are some veggies that make for special treats for the piggies, such as dandelion greens.  We have bought these at the natural foods store, and are usually not cheap.  I prefer not to collect dandelion greens from my yard or others because of the risk of contamination from pesticides.

Foraging treats

Foraging trays and treats are a fun idea for guinea pigs, and keeps them busy and active. You can find foraging mats and toys for guinea pigs, as well as foraging treats that can be mixed into their food or sprinkled in their cage.

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