It can be fun to get gifts for your guinea pig, or maybe for your child if they own a guinea pig.  Guinea pigs are such cute pets, and they usually get excited over food, so it is fun to shower them with treats!  Here are some ideas.

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Guinea Pig Treats

There are lots of great options when it comes to guinea pig treats.  I try to stay away from treats that have dyes, dairy products, or a lot of seeds. Our guinea pig’s favorite treats are by far pea flakes!  Aside from pea flakes, there are plenty of treats to choose from. There are some good foraging mixes of dried leaves and flowers that encourage guinea pigs to forage. Or, there are other types of treats from sticks to small pieces.

Chewy Oxbow Guinea Pig Treats

Grass Growing Tray

Our guinea pigs love fresh grass, but it can be tough to figure out a safe way to provide grass that is free of pesticides, fertilizers, pests, or weeds, so growing a tray of fresh grass indoors is a great option!  All you need is a seed sprouting tray, and either a screen to grow the grass hydroponically (in water), or soil to grow the seeds traditionally (and of course, some seeds!).  Growing grass is quick and easy, and soon enough you will have fresh grass that you can feed your piggies. Check out my directions on how to use seed sprouting trays.

A New Hideout

Guinea pigs love hiding spots, especially since they are prey animals.  A guinea pig hideout is a perfect way to make them feel comfortable and cozy.  You can find brightly colored plastic guinea pig Igloos (or “pigloos”, as we call them), or wooden structures, or an edible hideout like a “Snak Shack”.

Something to Chew On

Guinea pigs love to chew, and it is good to provide them with things to chew on, to keep their teeth from growing too long.  There are chew toys, as well as treats that make for good chewing opportunities, such as Alfalfa cubes and treat sticks.

Cage Upgrades

You could upgrade your piggies cage as a treat, from a larger cage to more than one water bottle, a new hay dispenser, and so on. You can also get a foraging mat for guinea pigs to stay entertained.

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