We have had many guinea pigs over the years, and still have several guinea pigs. With our experience, we have learned a lot about what is best for our piggies. Guinea pigs can live a long and healthy life, especially when fed a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Here are some of the things that we have learned to avoid, to keep our guinea pigs happy and healthy.

*Please note, always do your research! I am not a veterinarian – these are just what we have found seems to be our healthiest options.

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Avoid: foods with artificial dyes or flavors

I am a label reader, and just like foods for myself, I avoid unhealthy foods for the guinea pigs.  There are a lot of colorful treats out there, and while they are cute, they are often loaded with artificial dyes and colors. There is no reason to feed pets unhealthy things, when there are plenty of natural and healthy options that they love!

Some good options: Oxbow Guinea Pig Treats, pea flakes (in moderation)

Chewy Oxbow Guinea Pig Treats

Avoid: Dairy, including treats containing dairy

Guinea pigs are herbivores, and it doesn’t make sense to give them any dairy products.  Yogurt drops look yummy and the guinea pigs seem to like them, but we stopped giving them any dairy-based treats. Dairy is simply not a part of a guinea pig’s natural diet.

Avoid: seeds and corn

Seeds are not particularly good for guinea pigs, as they are high in fat.  We have also noticed that the guinea pigs tend to get their teeth stuck in pieces of dried corn, so we avoid those ingredients.

Avoid: too much fruit or fruits that aren’t safe for guinea pigs

We avoid giving the guinea pigs too much fruit at once.  This should be a small treat, and not given in any large amount.

Some fruits are not safe to give to guinea pigs such as avocados. I always do my research first!

Avoid: too many veggies or veggies that aren’t safe for guinea pigs

Vegetables should be given in moderation. Always check before giving your guinea pig vegetables, and know which ones are safe and which ones aren’t. Some vegetables that they shouldn’t have are leeks, shallots, cabbage, broccoli. I always check and do my research first.

Alternative: smaller portions of veggies, homegrown fresh grass

Guinea Pig eating a carrot

Avoid: (not a food!) Cedar or Pine Bedding

Just as a side note, bedding plays a big role in your guinea pig’s health.

Cedar bedding can contain harmful oils that can be damaging to a guinea pig’s respiratory system, and cause major respiratory issues.

Instead, use cloth cage liners, paper bedding, or aspen shavings.

Check out my Tips for Using Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs.

Cute guinea pig taking a nap

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