I received this item free of charge from Chewy in exchange for my honest review.

We have had a guinea pig in our household for a couple years now, and one of the necessities for your piggy is a Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout.  Guinea pigs like to have somewhere to sleep and to hide, and the igloo is perfect!

Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout

This cute, cozy hideout encourages his natural nesting instincts be providing him with a safe place to get away and nap in quiet seclusion. It’s made of durable translucent plastic that’s easy to clean, and features air vents for proper circulation to maintain ideal safety and comfort. With four sizes available, there’s an igloo that’s just right for almost every fur baby from the most miniscule mouse to the chubbiest chinchilla. (Chewy.com)

There are several sizes of this Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout available at Chewy.com.  I love the variety in sizes, and we will be getting the smaller size for our hamster.

We have the large size, which is perfect for my daughter’s guinea pig, Nutmeg.  It does take up a good portion of her cage, but it is a good size for her and we are working on getting a larger cage.  You can’t choose the color, but I like the variety of bright colors available.

Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout

Nutmeg spends a lot of time in her igloo, whether she is sleeping or decides she wants a place to hang out.  You can see where the top has some vent holes to help with air circulation.

Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout

The Igloo is a nice solid plastic, and would hold up well to your small pet sitting on top.  I love that it is so easy to wash, and we scrub it with hot water and soap in our utility sink.

Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout

You can find the Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout at Chewy.com, as well as lots of other great pet products!

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