Vitakraft Guinea Pig Treats

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

My daughter got a guinea pig after Christmas last year, and was told that her piggy’s birthday was around the beginning of November.  So, we recently celebrated Nutmeg’s first birthday!

To prepare, we wanted to get some treats.  My daughter decided on some veggies, including dandelions, and some treat sticks.  We came across Vitakraft crunch sticks on, which come in a large variety of flavors for various pets (including rabbits, hamsters, and birds).  Now, my daughter knows what Nutmeg likes best, so she had me get the Fruit & Honey Guinea Pig Treat Sticks, but it was a toss up between that and the Wild Berry.

Give your Guinea Pig a wholesome treat and encourage natural foraging with Vitakraft Triple Baked Crunch Sticks with Fruit & Honey Guinea Pig Treats. Treats are a great way to bond with your pet, add variety to his diet and satisfy the need to chew. This treat stick is triple baked for a crunchiness small pets love and has a natural wood stick center for long-lasting chewing fun. It clips easily to your pet’s habitat to encourage foraging behaviors, provide mental and physical exercise and prevent boredom. (

Vitakraft Crunch Sticks

I like that the crunch sticks have a natural wood stick center, so that you don’t have to worry about your piggy chewing on something they shouldn’t (like plastic or metal).  You can also clip it to their cage, which is a good way to keep it from getting buried in the bedding.

Nutmeg enjoys these treat sticks, and even comes running if you offer it to her at the side of the cage.

Nutmeg had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed her Vitakraft Crunch Sticks!  We definitely plan on buying some more, for both Nutmeg and also another variety of Vitakraft Crunch Sticks for hamsters.

These treats are currently under $4 at, which is very reasonable considering I see these for much more at our local pet store.

Check out the VitaKraft Crunch sticks at!