We have had guinea pigs for a couple of years now, and I had guinea pigs when I was a kid, so we have really found a good routine for our pets.  Between fresh fruits and veggies, and a nutritious diet of other foods, the guinea pigs are doing well.  Guinea pigs really do need a varied diet of fresh foods and other foods like hay to stay healthy.

We have been using the Brown’s line of guinea pig foods for our guinea pigs Mochi and Nutmeg.  They have a wide variety of dietary needs that makes it easy for us to provide what we need to the guinea pigs.

Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Behaviors Grain-Free Guinea Pig Daily Diet is a great daily food.  I have had guinea pigs for many years, and wow has guinea pig food come a long way!  I remember when I was a kid, and there was nothing like this – just plain pellets.

This guinea pig is filled with lots of great elements!  There is everything from flowers to hay to pressed blocks of timothy hay.

Both of our guinea pigs LOVE the dry pea flakes!  We taught them to squeal and come to us on command, so this is their treat!

Browns Tropical Carnival Timothy Hay

Hay is an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet, and between both of our guinea pigs, we go through a lot of hay.  We keep their cages stocked with Brown’s timothy hay so that there is always something for them to eat and forage on.

Brown’s Timothy Hay is nice and fresh, and the pigs get excited when we refill their hay.

Browns Tropical Carnival Oat Sprays

I had actually never heard of oat sprays before, but these Oat Sprays are another nice way for guinea pigs to forage during the day.  I like how we can add so much variety in their diet and give the pigs a variety of things to forage on.

Browns Tropical Carnival Small Animal Treats

These are always great way to treat the guinea pigs.  This treat contains lots of goodies from flaked peas to nuts.

Check out Brown’s at https://www.fmbrown.com/

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