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Both of my kids have their own guinea pigs, so we go through a lot of guinea pig bedding.  Carefresh Small Pet Bedding is one of our favorites, since it is very soft and absorbent.  My kids are responsible for keeping the guinea pig’s cages clean, so unfortunately this can mean not much of a heads up that we are just about out of bedding.  Fortunately, we can Carefresh bedding from Chewy.com, which saves me a trip to the store.  There are so many days where I go from work to taking the kids to their commitments and literally have no time for trips to the pet store.

Chewy.com ships so quickly, and I can have bedding on my doorstep in a matter of a couple days.

Chewy.com Carefresh bedding

This Carefresh bedding comes in 10L, 23L, and 50L sizes.  It comes compressed in a block, and expands as you take it out of the package.  This is nice both for shipping purposes and also for storage.  I often order multiples (even of the large sizes) and then I can store this in my basement or a closet.

The confetti color is so cute!  The kids like this one for their guinea pigs, and the bright colors help hide messes too.

Chewy.com Carefresh Bedding

The benefits of Carefresh bedding (from Chewy.com):

  • Provides all the features small pet lovers care about, to keep your little furball healthy and clean.
  • Made from comfyfluff—a natural reclaimed paper fiber that’s biodegradable and compostable.
  • Proven odor control formula suppresses overpowering ammonia odors for up to ten days.
  • Dry bedding is comfortable bedding, which is why carefresh works to be 2X more absorbent than wood shavings.
  • High-performance bedding is virtually dust-free so both you and your pet can breathe easy.

Carefresh Bedding Chewy

We use Carefresh bedding for both of our guinea pigs, Lavender and Nutmeg.  It’s nice to give them something soft and comfortable for their cages that is also absorbent and helps keep odors down.

Check out Carefresh bedding and other great pet products at Chewy.com.