57 million Easter cards are purchased each year.

The spring is filled with several holidays and Easter is the start of those.

Did you know that spring is the second biggest season for sending holiday cards?

Let’s discuss five reasons to send a personalized greeting card for Easter this year:

  1. Reconnect With Family and Friends

Do you have family that lives across the country or a friend that lives a few hours away?

Sending them a personalized easter card could be a great way to catch up on how they are doing. A suggestion for a phone call or video call could be mentioned in the card and give you an opportunity to talk with them in the future.

Start writing down everyone you haven’t talked to in a little while and add them to your list!

  1. A Note to Your Network

Skip the email and send a card instead!

Sending a holiday card to a coworker or close business connection shows thought and intention toward them. Unlike Christmas, they may not be receiving many Easter cards (especially a personalized one), so your simple message would stand out.

While the message in the card may be different from the one you send your family, this is a great way to let people in your work life know you are thinking of them. 

  1. You Can Stay at Home and Save Money

Perhaps the best part about personalized cards is that you skip going to the store and searching through the card aisle for the “perfect card”.

It really is as easy as the click of a mouse to customize a card that Hallmark would be jealous of. You can make cards for everyone without worrying about the quantity affecting the cost.

Having the freedom to make the cards from your own home can open up more time to get to the other items on the to-do list finished.

  1. Customize, Customize, Customize

Now you’re likely wondering how to make personalized easter cards for your family, friends, coworkers, network, and so on. Will one card style work for all of them?

By using this Easter card maker, you can access different templates to accommodate everyone on your card list. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to say, there are Easter messages and quotes that you can use in your card.

You can add photos as well if you choose. Sending holiday cards doesn’t have to be a dreaded task when you have a variety of templates, colors, and other artistic options to work with. 

  1. Pair an Easter Card With a Gift

Are you looking for an excuse to buy Easter candy?

Pair the awesome card you made with a gift to really bring out the fun for this spring holiday. You could put it in an Easter basket or tape it to a candy favorite.

The amount of creativity is up to you, but a card and candy is always a great combination.

Craft Your Masterpiece Today

Now that you are excited about creating an easter card, let’s get started!