My kids have always enjoyed Easter, but as they get older, there is a little less excitement. We like to treat the kids to something special on Easter morning, and the Easter basket fillers have evolved as the years go on. Here are some favorites as the kids get older!

Candy & Food

Ok, so candy is always a given! I also include some non-candy snack items. There are plenty of goodies to choose from, whether your kids is picky or has a food allergy. Let’s be real – kids usually love junk food, so it makes for a great treat! We just try to balance how much they get with non-candy gifts, and establish rules about how much they can have a day (e.g. they can have one candy item a day from their basket).

Things for their room

My kids love updating their room or adding some things to their room. Some ideas include:

~ lights (LED lights, galaxy lamps, etc)
~ bedding
~ paint (you can put paint swatches in their basket so they can choose a color)
~ fabric wall mural

My daughter’s galaxy lamp

Makeup & bath products

My kids love makeup items, although their styles vary quite a bit. There are so many different things you can gift, from nail polish to makeup palettes. You could also look for some nice shampoo or other bath and body products.

Clothes, shoes and accessories

My kids love new clothes, and I think Easter is a great time to get them a few things for summer, like some cute tops or a pair of sandals for warmer weather. We often get them swimwear or other summer gear.

Technology related items

Most teens enjoy electronics, and while I don’t encourage excessive use, Easter can mean some treats. An iTunes gift card or game is a great idea! Some other ideas include charging cables, a new phone case, headphones, and game accessories.


Books are a great gift, and I always encourage my girls to read.

Gifts related to hobbies

If your child has a particular interest or hobby, like sports, art, music, etc., you can easily find gifts related to those. There are usually plenty of art items, sports accessories, and so on that make it easy to find a gift that they will enjoy. For example, my daughter is a field hockey goalie, and some gift ideas could be a new water bottle, shin guards, jersey, hair ties, tank tops, etc.