Nearly 88,000 people die of alcohol abuse each year in the United States. This troubling statistic is made all the more tragic when you consider how preventable alcohol abuse is.

The problem is, most people don’t know the symptoms of alcohol abuse. They can be extremely subtle and hard to pinpoint. 

So, what are the symptoms of alcohol abuse? Keep reading to find out.

Control Issues

The most obvious sign that someone may be abusing alcohol is that they drink a lot.

There’s a difference between having a couple of drinks with friends, and drinking until you blackout. An alcoholic will struggle to stop drinking at the appropriate time. They’ll never refuse a drink, and you might notice them drinking a lot more than those around them.

You may also notice them go for a drink when nobody else is drinking. They might immediately seek out the beer tent at an event, or order cocktails during a casual breakfast or lunch. This can become very dangerous, and lead to things like drinking while driving.

Withdrawal Symptoms

An alcoholic will experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking for an extended period of time. If they’re heavy into the addiction, this time could be as short as a day or two.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Irritability
  • Shaking
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating

If you notice someone exhibiting these symptoms when not drinking, they may have an abuse issue. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the typical symptoms of alcohol addiction.

Struggles in Their Personal Life

Alcohol abuse doesn’t just affect someone’s health, it can also affect their day-to-day activities.

Has your suspected friend been complaining about problems in their personal life lately? Do they frequently miss outings because they have to nurse a hangover? If so, alcohol abuse may be the cause.

These issues often get worse and worse as the person relies on alcohol to cope. It may affect their personal relationships with their children and spouse. It may even affect the relationship between you and the abuser.

Drinking More and More

Like any drug, alcohol abusers gain a stronger tolerance for the drink the more they partake.

This leads to the abuser drinking more and more each time in order to get drunk. This might mean drinking a whole six-pack or more in one evening. If you’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount a person is drinking, they could be an alcohol abuser. 

Try to pay attention to the amount the person is drinking when you’re together. Keep a mental note of any increase.

Knowing What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse Can Save a Life

If you know someone who drinks a lot and exhibits the symptoms above, they may be an alcoholic.

No matter the symptoms, there’s only one way to treat alcohol abuse: talk to the person. Hold an intervention, let them know you’re there for them, and seek professional help. Do not wait until the problem gets worse, or it’ll be much harder to deal with.

You can help lower the alcohol abuse death rate. Just know what are the symptoms of alcohol abuse, and act fast.

For more on alcohol abuse, please reach out to Create Recovery Center.