For some, this Easter will be at home again. And, since many families have celebrated multiple holidays at home over the course of the pandemic, it’s important to have some fun activities planned for any upcoming holidays at home this year — like Easter! Even though cases across the country have started to decline drastically compared to Christmastime 2021, many families are still playing it safe to protect themselves and others by planning at-home holidays again this year. Here are some ways you can keep the Easter celebrations at home exciting and fun for kids and adults alike! 

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  1. Host an at-home Easter egg hunt. Who doesn’t love hunting for eggs on Easter? Make things fun at home by creating an at-home Easter egg hunt. You don’t have to keep it just to Easter eggs, either. Instead, consider hiding their goodies all throughout the house and backyard for them to find! They can use their Easter baskets to collect their items, and at the end of the day, they’ve created their own unique basket filled with goodies just for them. 
  2. Bake some sweet treats. Baking together is a great bonding activity for you and the kiddos — or anyone you live with, really. Whether you bake some indulgent cookies or go for something with some healthier alternatives, baking has the power to bring people together. It’s a great learning opportunity for the kids, too. Baking involves a lot of math and science, showing how ingredients come together and interact with each other in a good way as long as you use the correct amounts. Your kids will love to learn about baking because the result is a sweet treat! Who knows? You might just inspire the next great kids’ baking champion!
  3. Plant something green. Gardening has many benefits, and it’s the perfect activity to do for Easter this year. Spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, so what better way to celebrate than by putting together a garden with fresh herbs, vegetables and even flowers? If you’ve been looking for a new activity to help ease stress and get you out in the sunshine, then gardening is the perfect choice. This way, all your plants will be bountiful for summer and fall! Make the space feel festive with some outdoor Easter decorations and then transition into some regular garden decor or add some additional decorations for the next holiday. 

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  1. Go on a picnic. Instead of traditional Easter dinner, visit a local park or nature area and have a picnic! For those who don’t celebrate the religious aspect of Easter, this can be a great activity to do since many businesses close that day. This way, you can still enjoy the day with your close loved ones but don’t feel obligated to celebrate in the same way that others do! You can pack your favorite foods, some outdoor games and spend time enjoying the day. You can space your households out in a park or grassy area. No need for anyone to get sick! 
  2. Play a game of cornhole. Cornhole is a fun game that practically anyone can play. Many families have their own set of cornhole boards they break out in the summer or fall, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until those seasons to play! If the sun is shining and it’s warm enough on Easter to be outside, consider adding cornhole to your list of fun activities to enjoy at home. If it’s just you and your partner, it’s a great way to engage in a competitive activity — and you can dish out household chores to the loser! 
  3. Put together an egg-cellent scientific experiment. Remember the “keep your egg from cracking” science experiment you did in junior high? Well, now’s the time to brush up on your science skills! Whether you do this with the adults you live with or even with the kiddos, this is a great activity that everyone can do together. Who knows? The kids might just create better safety mechanisms than the adults! The twist? You all can only use what’s available in your home! That’s right — no curbside ordering materials from your local craft store. What you have in your home is what you can use to create a safe haven for an egg. Then, after a few hours having everyone assemble their egg cases, you drop it from a height. A second story window, perhaps? Or, maybe the balcony of your apartment. A perfect competition for brainiacs and creatives alike!

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  1. Decorate Easter eggs. A true classic, decorating Easter eggs doesn’t have to be boring. Spruce up your Easter egg decorating by adding in fun items, such as lace, beads and lots of other crafts that can really make the eggs stand out. You could also try painting the eggs outside instead of inside for a change. Put up a fun Easter garden flag and use your outdoor space to decorate away. 
  2. Sleep the Day Away. These days, it seems like there’s never enough time to get all the necessary sleep. Parents and kids alike could definitely do with a lounge-around-the-house-day. Instead of getting up early and having Easter brunch, consider getting up late or lounging around in bed all day! In fact, some studies have shown that sleeping in on the weekends is one way you can catch up on sleep you missed out on during the week. So, pull those covers up and snuggle in!
  3. Guess the jelly beans. Give a small prize out each day the week leading up to Easter for the person in the household who guesses the amount of jellybeans in the jar correctly (or as close to as possible). Change the amount each day so that everyone has new opportunities to guess. These small prizes can be a night off from cooking, a backrub or even a gift card!