Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids or grandchildren more involved in preparing for the upcoming holiday? Then you’ll want to have them help you with DIY craft and general decorating projects around your home for Easter. You can make things specifically for the holiday or for the Spring season that you’re all sure to love just as much as little ones love getting Easter gift baskets.

Egg Painting

No Easter celebration would be complete without decorating some eggs. Whether you use a dye kit or go with more natural dyes for the eggs, one thing is for certain – it’s always a good time. You’ll want to have younger kids wear an apron or at least old clothes that you don’t mind them getting messy. Set up some bowls/cups of the different colors of dye and also get out some crayons, stickers, and anything else that you know they’d find to be fun when creating egg masterpieces.

Tin Can Bunnies

Have some newly used coffee or other types of cans lying around? If so, you can use them to make these delightful bunny decorations to put on your table for Easter day. Help younger kids with cutting out paper and taping/gluing it around the can, as well as putting on the ears and other features.

Fingerprints and Footprints

If you have a baby or toddler, it’s especially a good idea to do fingerprint and footprint painting. Put a seasonal spin on it by turning them into bunnies, carrots, and religious symbolism to mark this special time of year. Make sure that you have plenty of non-toxic paint that can be used for this purpose and let them go to town making this truly special art.

Peeps House

Just like making a gingerbread house, a Peeps house is fun because you can sample the edible supplies and also eat your creation afterward! Use graham crackers as the foundation, sides, and roof, and place some edible “grass”, candy eggs, and a Peep candy inside each one so that you can see it.

Crochet Chicks

Know how to crochet and want to teach your little one? This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Take your yarn and hook and a fairly simple (yet not for beginners) pattern to create a chick that can rest inside two pieces of an egg, making it look as though it’s recently hatched.

Before Easter really is a great time to gather with loved ones and make some crafts as you welcome back longer days and more sunshine.