It’s important to create Easter baskets that the recipients of all ages will love. Special gifts can be memorable, and Easter is a great holiday for lasting memories, spent with friends and family.

These are five of the most popular items for you to consider when you do your Easter shopping.

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1. Easter Candy

Easter candy is the single most popular item to put into a basket you give to someone. A plenitude of candies exists that is appropriate for the holiday. One example is an infamous chocolate bunny. Two more examples are jelly beans and small chocolate eggs. You can have a blast looking for candies that your recipients will love.

2. Delicious Snacks

Snacks are also popular additions to put into your Easter baskets. Fruit roll-ups are a common snack item, or snack size bags of treats. Gourmet snacks are a good way to go, from nuts to specialty cheeses. Teens are often fans of novelty snacks, such as a Japanese snack box, Popin’ cookin candy kits (which you can usually find cheapest at local markets), boba tea kit, Japanese Konpeito Candy, and Pocky.

3. Easter Candles

Many people add candles to their Easter baskets. Candles can serve many purposes. The recipients can use them for religious or meditative purposes. They can use them to refresh their homes, as well. Alternatively, they can use the candles to provide them with light if a storm hits and takes out the electricity. You can choose from an abundance of interesting candle colors and flavors to add to your gift. Your recipients will surely love any gift you provide because of the effort you put into giving it.

4. Spring Theme Gifts

From flowers to clothing, spring themed items are plentiful. For adults, you could go with a fresh spring themed candle, such as lilac or peony. For kids, there are lots of great spring items, like boots, swimwear, hats, and clothing. It is also fun to get some spring gardening items, like kids gardening gloves or colorful kids gardening tools.

5. Wines

It’s likely that some of your gift basket recipients will be adults. Therefore, you’ll want to give them a gift tailored to them. Wine is a popular Easter basket gift, especially if you are presenting a gift to someone hosting dinner, so think about some bottles of wine in their basket. Wine is a classy drink for adults that they can enjoy at any time, and also is a great hostess gift. You can add some cheese to the basket if you want to give them some snacks that go with the wine. Red wine is the most fitting wine for what Easter celebrates. Examples of red wines are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Malbec.

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Now you know what items are popular in Easter baskets!