Times have definitely changed since my kids were little.  Filling Easter baskets used to be pretty easy, and now I have to think a little more about what I am going to put in the kid’s baskets. I try to find things that aren’t just candy or wasteful items, and look for useful gifts.

Here are a few of our favorite tween Easter basket gift ideas.

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Bath Bombs & Beauty Supplies

My kids seem to go in phases with wanting bath bombs, but these can be a nice treat. There are endless ideas for beauty items, from hair products to skincare to bath products. Some ideas include a nice curling iron, scented body wash, or a makeup mirror with lights.

Art / craft supplies

If your child is into doing a certain type of art or craft, you could get some supplies to help them with their projects.  For example, my daughter loves Copic markers, so we got her some for her art supply collection. There are lots of great options, from flat clay beads to sewing, learning to knit, and so on.


We like giving fun socks once in a while as gifts, so when I see a cool pair, like sushi socks, I grab them for our Easter baskets.


Both of my kids love books, and it is nice to pick out something special for their easter baskets. There are lots of teen books to choose from, and you can easily find good options on the teen bestselling book list, including this popular BookTok set.

Outdoor Games or Sports Items

Since Easter is usually around the start of better weather, some outdoor items are a good bet. Kids who do sports can usually use something new, from athletic clothing to a new ball. Outdoor games can be fun, even if your tween seems reluctant. Perhaps some water balloons or a slackline.

Room accessories

There are so many nice room accessories out there, from string lights to light boxes to wall tapestries. Tweens can spend a lot of time in their room, so some room updates are a nice idea.


With summer on the way, you can’t really go wrong with some apparel.  If your tween has a favorite show, this is a good chance to find show merchandise.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great option, from Starbucks to favorite foods or some money towards Apple purchases for games or music.


While my kids like candy, there are foods they really like too, whether it is something like Pocky or even a salty treat like flavored popcorn or a funky flavor of chips.


I limit how much candy I give, but a chocolate bunny, some peeps, and some gum are usually the perfect gift!