Many parents want to be part of their children’s digital life and want to follow them on social media. But, most of them fail. Why? Because their kids probably have them blocked already. More often than not, this attempt backfires as most youngsters, particularly when they are in their teenage, don’t want their parents to know what they are up to on the internet. Not only that, none of the family relatives are added either.

They feel too strongly about their privacy and independence and don’t want their parents, or relatives for that matter, to object or say anything on the internet that might offend them in front of their peers. That is normal teenage behavior, but only till some time. Parental controls are important. Parents should know what their kids are up to. Eventually, a child and parent need to have an open and honest relationship with each other.

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The Dangers of the Digital World

Not letting parents in your digital life raises a concern in the present time. The internet lurks with all kind of dangers which can be a parent’s worst nightmare. But, teenagers don’t really like sharing things with their parents.

However, it is a parent’s responsibility to keep an eye on their child and what they do on the internet.  Social media plays a pivotal role in broadening a teenager’s mindset, but one cannot overlook the risks. Teenagers are susceptible to social media depression, bullying, online harassment and sexting. Then, there are stalkers, pedophiles, and sexual predators out there. They impersonate to be a concerned friend but seek tweens and teens to exploit them and their impressionable minds.

What is the solution then?

A parental monitoring app is your best alternative to resolve your constant worry. Xnspy is one such mobile spy app. It is a trending monitoring app that monitors everything happening on your teen’s device. Xnspy parental monitoring would let you know everything from who they are talking to, to the pictures they are sharing and receiving on the messaging apps as well as their browsing history. Apart from all this, you can even track their location.

Xnspy Parental Monitoring App – An Overview:

You can monitor their social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder as well as Skype, Viber, Kik, and WhatsApp, remotely.

The app is especially designed for parents who want to keep an eye on their kid’s Android device or an iPhone. After you install it on your teen’s phone, you can access everything which includes their text messages, call logs, locations, web browsing history, emails, multimedia, and all instant messenger chats as well.

You can view all of the activities of your kid’s phone from Xnspy’s online dashboard and access it from anywhere be it your phone or PC.

How does this app work?

You don’t have to do a lot for using Xnspy. Anyone can use this app even those with limited technical knowledge. All you have to do is check your phone’s compatibility, but that is not going to be a problem either because Xnspy parental monitoring app is compatible with all Android and iPhone operating systems.

You can check out this device compatibility chart for Xnspy:

Android IPhone (No Jailbreak)
4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x & 8.x 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 12.0.1

Apart from this, you would need to have physical access to the target device for the installation of this mobile spy app. The installation process would barely take 5 to 10 minutes. The app requires an internet connection to bring all the information from the phone to the web account from where you can access it wherever you are. Xnspy parental monitoring app is one of the few apps that comes with the offline tracking feature. The app keeps on recording information and, as soon as the phone connects to the internet, it’s uploaded to the web account.

Installation Process

Almost all mobile spy apps have a similar installation process. After you have subscribed to the app, you will receive an email that will contain a download URL, an activation code, along with your web account credentials. You will also receive a detailed guide to walk you through the entire setup process of this mobile spy app installation.

Even though smart devices and monitoring apps becoming a norm now, many people could find it a little hard to setup Xnspy. And to help with that, Xnspy offers a remote installation support that lets parents get all the help they need with the installation.

But the app installation is still quite easy and can be done without acquiring assistance. Xnspy’s official website has numerous how-to-guides and video tutorials to assist you with the installation.

It should take about 24 hours for the parental monitoring app to get all the data from the phone and then upload it to the web account. If you want to use the app on your teen’s iPhone, then you don’t need to install the app on the phone. You need their iCloud credentials so that the Xnspy mobile spy app can sync itself with the iCloud and then display all of the information on your dashboard.

Xnspy Online Dashboard

The dashboard serves the purpose of a control panel which lets you access all that you want from your child’s phone; be it their text messages, call logs, emails, instant messenger chats, locations or more. The developers have put in a lot of effort in creating an easy and quick interface that allows all the different users an easy navigation of the app.

The dashboard displays a graph depicting all the activities of your teen’s phone. It is a quick and an easy way to know their activities at a glance while they are holed up in their room.

Xnspy Parental Monitoring App

Look on the left side of the screen. You would see a menu that would feature different sections and categories. Click on each of the tabs to know information about a certain phone function.

Xnspy Parental Monitoring App

Features of Xnspy
Xnspy parental monitoring app has come up with an interesting blend of basic and advanced features. This way, parents can be in the know even when their kids aren’t home, or they are away themselves.

Here’s a quick look at the features this mobile spy app offers to parents:

Basic monitoring features

  • Access text messages

Children spend considerable time texting with friends. You can access and analyze all the text conversations that take place on their phone. You can view the incoming and outgoing text messages as well as the deleted ones as the app regularly takes a backup. You could add certain words and contacts in the Watchlist and get alerts when they appear in the text conversations.

  • Monitor Call logs

You would certainly want to keep an eye on your child’s phone usage. Xnspy lets you monitor all the calls and even the missed calls. You can view the call history report and see the Top 5 Callers and Top 5 Calls.

Xnspy Parental Monitoring App

  • GPS Location Tracking

While growing up, teens love to try out new things and places. They are spontaneous and adventurous. You can track your kid’s location with the help of this parental monitoring app.  

  • Web browsing history

There is a lot of stuff on the internet and it becomes difficult to filter everything. Even a seemingly innocent Google search could bring up inappropriate or explicit content in the results. Xnspy is such a mobile spy app that lets you monitor the web history of your kid’s phone’s browser. This way you know the kind of websites they visit and their interests. You can view the most visited websites and the number of times your teen visited these URLs.

Xnspy Parental Monitoring App

Advanced monitoring features

  • Call and surround recording

As stated earlier, teenagers don’t usually like opening up to their parents. Though it is alright to give them privacy, but if your child is acting suspicious or has become disturbed after a phone call, it calls for a closer watch. Xnspy parental monitoring app records all the phone calls that they make. You can even record their phone’s surrounding. This proves to be handy if you think your teen is not telling you the whole story or lying to you, the surround recording feature helps you to hear the conversations happening around the phone. You just have to send a remote command to switch on the microphone.

  • Access Instant Messenger Chats

There aren’t many other mobile spy apps that let you access chats from all the popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Kik, Line, Viber, Tinder, and Skype. Along with that, you can see the images and videos your teen is receiving and sharing on these apps.

  • Remote controls

Xnspy parental monitoring app allows you to control the phone remotely. You can do things like locking their phones, blocking access to apps which you think are not suitable for your child, taking live screenshots of their phone activity and and wiping data off their phones as well.

  • Keylogger

The keylogger features records the keystrokes on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype. This feature is for Android only.

  • Wi-Fi Connection History:

This feature is for Android devices. The feature helps parents in knowing where their teenager connected their device to Wi-Fi. You can know all the details such as the name of the connection, date and time stamp.

Customer Support

The app has a 24/7 live chat support for its users so that they always someone to help them with the app and provide them assistance in case of any trouble in understanding the app.


Xnspy parental monitoring app offers two editions to the users. The Basic edition is ideal for testing the app and if you need basic monitoring features. For more advanced monitoring features, you can choose the Premium Edition. There is a slight difference in features between the two.  

XNSPY Basic Edition XNSPY Premium Edition
$8.33/month $12.49/month

Last Words

With its features, price, and compatibility, Xnspy parental monitoring app is a great solution for parents to watch over their teenagers. It provides a great relief to parents so they can keep a close eye on their teenagers remotely. It is easy to use and delivers what it promises. Customer reviews suggest the same. Other mobile spy apps offer almost a similar variety of features. But they are expensive or have performance issues. Xnspy is particularly designed for parents and therefore, you cannot go wrong with it.