{Written by my 5th grader}

At my Elementary school, we get lockers in 3rd grade. Since Kindergarten, I have been walking through stores thinking, wow, I’d sure like to be in 3rd grade because there are so many cool decorations for lockers here. Well, it’s been a couple years that I have been decorating my locker, now that I am in 5th grade.

Here are some of my favorite locker decorations.

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Locker Accessories for Girls

Here are the top locker accessories for girls!

1. Pen/Pencil Cups. These days, people like to buy a lot of pencils and pens to use in class, including mechanical pencils (my favorite!). At my school, within the first couple days most of the pencils are gone, so it’s handy to have a couple stashed in your locker. You can also use the magnetic pencil holder for lots of other stuff, from pictures to notepads!

2. Magnetic Chandelier. You’ve probably heard of them or see them at one time or another because they’re all over the place. They’re cool because they stick to the top of your locker and don’t fall off (most of the time) and actually light up if you put some batteries in. Also, say you have a Glow-in-the-dark pencil hidden in your locker (see above) and you want to show your friends how it lights up. Bam! You have your own personal lamp stored conveniently at the top of your locker.

locker accessories

3. Locker Shelf. For some people, the shelf at the top of your locker just isn’t enough. Imagine you had boots to put in your locker but you didn’t want to get your rug to get dirty (see below). So, just put it on the locker shelf and you’re golden!

4. Locker Rug.  The bottom of my locker usually looks dirty or rusty, and I like to put a locker rug there.  You can easily make one or find one for cheap.

5. Magnets.  Magnets are a fun way to decorate, and you an also use them to hang up things like papers or photos.  I also use it to hang up my music lesson card so I can keep track of it.

6. Air freshener.  Air fresheners can make your locker smell yummy. I like the car jars!

7. Storage bin.  I usually put a storage bin somewhere in my locker, usually on the top shelf.  This is great for all the little stuff that collects in my locker.

8. Mini calendar.  To stay organized and keep track of things.

9. Locker mirror. This is useful in the morning or during the day.

10. Locker wallpaper.  This is a great way to make your locker pretty, especially if the locker is old.  You can find paper or magnetic wallpaper.  Bring some scissors with you when you are ready to hang it up, because you might have to cut it to the shape of the locker.

Mom’s tips:

Shopping for locker supplies is a treat, because these items can add up quickly.  Start by shopping at places like the dollar store (for things like cute magnets and small bins).  We have found other cheap items at 5 Below and Walmart.  You can also shop online or after school starts when school items are on clearance.  One year we found a bunch of clearance locker supplies at Barnes & Noble after school had started.  While some items serve a purpose – like bins for organizing, other items make great gifts if there is a special occasion.  The kids can also use their own money to buy supplies.

Label, label, label.  Items can disappear, and we learned this the hard way.  We label everything that we can (aside from stuff like magnets).

 (Contains affiliate links)