Ralph's World Time Machine Guitar

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We have been listening to Ralph’s World music for a long time, with albums that date back to before my kids were born like “Happy Lemons” and “Peggy’s Pie Parlor”.  We always enjoyed Ralph’s music, which have been enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Ralph (Covert) released a new CD this summer, which takes listeners back to different times in history, going on a musical journey with his time machine guitar.  The songs include lots of historical information and people, from Amelia Earhart to King Tut.  Kids will be learning all kinds of interesting historical facts as they listen to the CD.

Ralphs World

I have fun listening to this CD along with the kids.  It helps pass the time on our long road trips, and Ralph’s music is both catchy and interesting.  Plus it is easy to sing along with.

This CD showcases the songs that are on Ralph’s new show, also titled “Time Machine Guitar”.  You can find the first three episodes on hisYouTube channel, with more shows coming every couple Saturdays this fall.

Check out the first episode including music from the CD here:

There are 12 great trips through history on this CD!

1 Time Machine Guitar
2 Ben Franklin’s Mole
3 Young Tut
4 Christopher Columbus Sailed
5 The Cat’s Meow
6 Toymasters of War
7 Blue Airplane
8 Beethoven’s Horse
9 Hummingbird Tree
10 Gato Negro
11 Color Outside the Lines
12 Time Machine Guitar Reprise

Featuring a 28 page CD book that includes background information on the historical figures we meet on the album and notes highlighting the musical influences of the songs, Time Machine Guitar is a historical adventure that points toward the bright future of Ralph’s World music.

Visit Ralph’s World at http://www.ralphsworld.com/


Ralph’s World “Time Machine Guitar”

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