Spring brings a sense of renewal, and Easter festivities offer perfect opportunities to paint the season with vibrant colors and joyous traditions. Whether you’re looking for activities that spark creativity, honor cherished customs, or connect with the spiritual significance of the holiday, this list offers many fun activities to do as a family. From working on an Easter diamond painting together to volunteering for a good cause, there are activities to suit every family. 

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1. Sparkle and Shine with an Easter Diamond Painting

Ditch the dyes this year and embrace a dazzling new Easter tradition — diamond painting! Diamond painting kits are suitable for all ages and skill levels, and they include everything you need to create shimmering masterpieces. Picture a canvas featuring a fluffy bunny adorned with hundreds of tiny, multicolored resin “diamonds” or a basket overflowing with gleaming Easter eggs. There are paintings for everyone to enjoy, regardless of how your family celebrates Easter. You could do a spiritual painting to commemorate the traditional meaning of Easter or complete a floral painting to welcome spring. Diamond painting is a relaxing and rewarding activity that lets you create stunning and durable Easter decorations to display in your home or give as gifts.

The process is very straightforward. Each kit comes with a canvas, pre-printed with symbols, that acts as your guide. Each symbol corresponds to a specific color of diamond. Using the applicator tool included, you place these tiny gems onto the canvas, transforming it into a sparkling artwork. Diamond painting is a fantastic alternative for those seeking a unique and trendy artistic endeavor. The best part? Your diamond-painted creations will become cherished keepsakes that the whole family can enjoy.

2. Dyeing with a Twist

While classic egg dyeing is always a favorite, consider using natural elements this year. Wrap onion skins, leaves, or dried flowers around hard-boiled eggs before submerging them in boiling water. These natural dyes create beautiful marbled or patterned designs. For a scientific twist, experiment with creating vibrant colors using cabbage water (red), turmeric (yellow), or beetroot (purple).

3. Sock Bunnies

Upcycle old socks into adorable bunny plushies! This playful craft is perfect for children of all ages and requires minimal supplies. Simply stuff a clean, fluffy sock with rice or cotton balls, tie it off to create the bunny’s head, and add details like felt ears, googly eyes, and a fluffy cotton ball tail. These little bunnies can be used for imaginative play, Easter table decorations, or even heartwarming gifts for grandparents or siblings.

4. Bunny Masks and Puppets

Turn paper plates, colorful markers, and construction paper into whimsical bunny masks or playful puppets. Let your children personalize their creations with whiskers, carrots, and sparkly details. Once the masks and puppets are complete, encourage them to engage in some imaginative play, hopping around like playful bunnies or making up stories with their new puppets.

5. Egg Carton Crafts

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Don’t toss those empty egg cartons. With a little creativity, you and your family can transform them into charming chicks, bunnies, caterpillars, or an adorable spring wreath. Paint the cartons with bright spring colors, add pipe cleaner details for legs and antennae, and fill them with colorful paper flowers or cotton ball chicks. There are so many egg carton crafts that are perfect for Easter and spring! 

6. Egg and Spoon Race

This classic Easter game is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and it’s perfect for backyard gatherings or Easter picnics. Split the participants into teams and have them race while carefully balancing an egg on a spoon. The first team to cross the finish line without dropping their egg wins! To make the race a little more challenging for older participants, create an obstacle course or incorporate challenges like hopping on one leg or walking backward.

7. Bake Delicious Treats

Fill your home with the delightful aroma of Easter with a family baking session. Whip up a classic carrot cake, decorate sugar cookies with bunny and egg designs, or experiment with fun Easter-themed cupcakes. Let your children participate in age-appropriate tasks like measuring ingredients, stirring batter, or adding sprinkles. Turn on some upbeat music, throw on some festive aprons, and get ready for a floury frenzy! The best part? You get to enjoy the fruits (or should we say sweets?) of your labor with a delicious Easter feast.

8. Plant a Spring Garden

Embrace the spirit of new beginnings by planting a spring garden together as a family. Choose vegetables, herbs, or vibrant flowers that are suitable for your climate and growing zone. This activity teaches kids about responsibility, the plant life cycle, and the satisfaction of nurturing something from seed to harvest. Head to your local nursery or garden center and let everyone in your family pick out a few things that catch their eye. Research planting instructions together, and get your hands dirty creating a little patch of springtime magic in your backyard. As your garden flourishes, use it as an opportunity to teach your children about basic botany — from identifying different plant parts to understanding the importance of sunlight and water.

9. Volunteer Together

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Easter is a season of compassion and giving. Consider volunteering as a family at a local soup kitchen, animal shelter or senior center. This act of kindness teaches kids valuable lessons about empathy and the importance of helping others. It also fosters a sense of community spirit and creates a heartwarming way to celebrate the true spirit of the holiday. Research volunteer opportunities in your area and choose an activity that aligns with your family’s interests and abilities. Spending a few hours volunteering can make a real difference in the lives of others and create a lasting positive memory for your family.

Hatching Happiness as a Family

Easter is a time for family, joy, and celebrating new beginnings. With these engaging activities, you can create memories and traditions your family will treasure for decades. Embrace the spirit of spring, unleash your creativity, and get ready to celebrate Easter in a fun and meaningful way.