Winter is coming and for those areas that get a large amount of snow, having a vehicle that can handle the ice and snow is crucial. An excellent option for those who live in an area where the winters are long and challenging is to drive an SUV. Snow can be a hazard, and an SUV is better equipped to handle the harsh winters better than other vehicles. There are a few reasons they are safer on the road in the winter.

They Have AWD

Most SUVs today come with AWD or all-wheel drive. Having AWD means it is more manageable to control the vehicle because it sends torque to each of the wheels, which helps give traction when needed. The more traction a vehicle has, the more control the driver has, which is incredibly important when traveling in the snow. It also helps to regain control if the SUV slides on the ice. AWD is standard, and any new Chevrolet for sale will have it included. 

However, a word of caution, many who drive SUVs with AWD tend to see themselves as invincible when driving on snow and ice because of the traction it h, but it is vital to remember that just because the SUV has better traction does not mean that the vehicle will never spin out on the icy road. So stay safe and drive cautiously even if the SUV has AWD.

They are Heavier Vehicles

Besides the AWD in SUVs, it also helps that they are larger and heavier vehicles. When driving a heavier vehicle, there is less chance of sliding on patches of ice and snow on the road. Also, the extra weight that comes with an SUV helps, so it stays on the road instead of spinning out and into a snow pile which is more likely to happen for those who drive sedans or compact vehicles.

It also helps those who own a large SUV to drive more cautiously because they are in charge of such a large vehicle. An SUV owner knows that their vehicle could be potentially more deadly for pedestrians and other smaller vehicles on the road. Therefore, they have a sense of responsibility when they get behind the wheel of such a massive vehicle.

They are Better Protected

The larger size not only helps keep the SUV on the road when it is icy and snowy, but it also helps keep the driver and other passengers better protected when a crash is unavoidable. This is because the frame and the body of an SUV are massive, and that aids in protecting all of those inside the vehicle. It helps in a collision with another vehicle as well as when it slips and slides on icy roads. If someone drives a smaller vehicle, they do not have that same protection because the car’s body is lighter and has less space inside than an SUV does.

Overall, for those who want a vehicle that will keep them and their families safer in the winter months, an SUV will be their best option.