This is an easy craft that we have done with our kids and for a girl scout project. This is a cute ornament that can be made different ways, depending on what colors and designs you use.

For the pinecones, you can enjoy collecting pine cones from nature, or buy them from the store. Be respectful of nature if you decide to collect pine cones.

Supplies needed:

Small pom poms
String or ribbon
Optional – glitter


If you want to make your pinecone glittery, brush some white glue on to the pinecone and sprinkle glitter on.

glitter pinecones

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Use a hot glue gun to attach small pom poms to the tips of the pinecone.

Hot glue works best, but you can substitute with a different glue.

I find that regular white glue absorbs into the pom poms and then they don’t stay in place.

Attach a ribbon or string for hanging.

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