~ Note ~ Hollowed Harvest is now located in Schenectady at the Armory Studios, for the 2023 season.


Fall is one of my favorite times in the Capital Region in Upstate New York. We get lots of beautiful weather days, and there are so many nice Fall activities. 

We have been hearing about lighted pumpkin displays, and I was excited to hear that a Hollowed Harvest event was in town, in Altamont, NY, not far from the city of Albany.

This event is a walk through experience with thousands of pumpkins, which are carved and lighted. You can purchase tickets online, and the event is held nightly, both weekdays and weekends through Halloween.

* Disclaimer: we received complimentary tickets to this event in exchange for this blog post.

Hollowed Harvest in Altamont is held at the Altamont Fairgrounds.  The fairgrounds are quite easy to get to, and if you aren’t already familiar with the area, Google Maps can also direct you.

There is ample parking here, and the fairgrounds have a vast area dedicated to parking, so there is definitely no shortage of parking spots.

We showed our tickets at the gate and proceeded to the displays.

The pumpkin displays are on a loop that you walk. I believe it is mostly paved, but there are some uneven spots, so I would recommend comfortable shoes, and if you are going with anyone who is unsteady on their feet, you may want to walk with them and/or bring a small light.

There are time slots on weekdays and weekends (after dark, of course!), and we went on a Saturday evening when the weather was looking good. It was nice to put on a cozy jacket and stroll through the fairgrounds, enjoying the scenery.

The pumpkins were in themed displays, like this butterfly and grasshopper. Most everything was grouped in a theme, and it was fun to see what the displays were.

One of my faves was this tropical theme, complete with volcano!

I really liked this tiki theme!

There were some funny decorations too… I got a kick out of this one!

I would say it took about 45 minutes to walk through if you go at a slow pace. A lot of the displays take a little while to guess what they are, and it is nice to take your time as you go. For example, this could be an elephant or mastadon?

The path is dark, and not lit up, but everyone was moving along the loop and going at a slow pace, so it wasn’t an issue as far as figuring out where to walk.

There is spooky music playing, but nothing that is too scary. There were lots of younger kids here, and I would say it is perfect for little kids. There were lots of parents pushing strollers and walking with toddlers.

The spider display was cute, even though I don’t like spiders!

Here is our video from the spider display:

@anationofmoms Spiders at Hallowed Harvest 🕷 #hollowedharvest #pumpkins #lightedpumpkins #pumpkindisplay #halloween #capitalregion #altamont #capitalregionny #halloweenevents #albanyny #guilderlandny #schenectadyny #capitalregionfamilyfun ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

You are not permitted to bring in outside food or drinks, but there are concessions there where you can purchase snacks. There were some cute displays set up to enjoy while getting your snacks.

This is a neat event to check out, and I would say it is probably best suited for younger children. It was nice to explore the displays on a chilly fall night, and I liked seeing the younger kids being in awe of the lighted pumpkins.

What to bring: warm clothing, comfy shoes (no sandals), gloves, money for snacks.

Visit Hollowed Harvest at https://www.hollowedharvest.com/