Easter egg hunts are a fundamental part of the holiday for many people. An opportunity to get moving and make something of the day while also providing a unique method of gifting your loved ones with chocolate. However, if you’re someone who partakes every year, then you might quickly find yourself running out of locations to hide your eggs or ways to make each Easter egg hunt as fun as the one that came before it. It can be difficult to maintain interest when everybody involved feels like tradition is the only reason to repeat the experience. 

Some fresh ideas can inject a lot of life back into a familiar activity, making it feel new and exciting. Reinvigorating yourself can provide newfound enthusiasm that may prove to be infectious, getting everyone involved eager to see what this year has in store.

A Trail of Clues Leading to the Treasure

Though your classic Easter egg hunt may involve dotting eggs around in various locations throughout your house and the participants broadly searching everywhere until they find something, this is an opportunity to add an extra layer to the game. Here, all the eggs are gathered at the end goal, in perhaps your best hiding spot, as a sort of ultimate reward. To guide people there, write a cryptic clue hinting at the whereabouts of the eggs on a small bit of paper, hide that somewhere, then write another clue about the last clue, and so on.

If you’re struggling with clues, there are plenty online. The aim here is to turn the perhaps more general search into a focused and thoughtful search. You can even sprinkle the eggs out throughout as breadcrumbs; you have a great amount of flexibility in how you approach this angle.

A Personalised Addition to Make it Special

Easter egg hunts are widely enjoyed. They’re part of popular culture and regularly discussed as the Easter season approaches, making it difficult to feel like your own Easter egg hunt has much of an identity outside of that. Adding a personal touch to make it feel more special to your family can go a long way. Younger children especially can come to remember them as their unique childhood experiences.

This can be approached in a number of ways. A personalised Easter basket is an effective way of adding that personal touch while also making the activity of gathering eggs suddenly feel fresh. Children may come to feel a connection with their own personal basket, looking forward to getting to use it again every year. 

Throw in a Dash of Competition

Perhaps not strictly in the spirit of the holiday, but making the Easter egg hunt a little more competitive can get the blood pumping and add a layer of feverish excitement. This is especially viable if your family or household has enough members to split up into teams, this way, you can incorporate something like a relay race or another way to get everybody involved. This group dynamic may open-up some area for controversy between the teams, but the comradery and the spirit of fun should remain high throughout. The promise of chocolate never hurt anyone either.