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I received Nu Natural products in exchange for my honest review.

We love natural products, and I have worked hard to keep chemicals out of my house.  I am a big label reader, and essential oils are a great way to go when it comes to avoiding things like synthetic fragrances or chemicals in household products.

Nu Natural Beauty has a line of essential oils and other natural products, including makeup, soaps, and more.  It makes it easy to find natural products that are part of your daily routine.

I was excited to try some Lavender Essential Oil.  While I have only used a few essential oils, we are a fan of lavender.  I have added it to my laundry and used it as a soothing aromatherapy product in the evening, to get the kids settled down better at bedtime.

Nu Natural Beauty

Peppermint Essential Oil & Lemon Essential Oil

Both of these are very refreshing, and I find myself using them in household cleaning.  It is a great way to freshen things like bathrooms, and I put a drop in the toilet when I am cleaning and it leaves the restroom smelling fresh.

Nu Natural Beauty

Tea Tree Essential Oil

There are many uses for Tea Tree oil.  I mixed this one with coconut oil and used it on my skin, to help with skin issues like acne flareups.

Whipped Lip Polish in Mint Chocolate

This product smells incredible and is pretty cool!  It smooths out and plumps your lips, with all natural ingredients that have an incredible scent.  I have never used a lip polish before and I love this product.  Thinking about all the products we put on our skin, I can’t imagine all the chemicals in skincare products.  It is so nice not worrying that I am putting unsafe ingredients on my skin.

Nu Natural Beauty

Body soap

I am a big fan of bar soap versus liquid soap, so was happy to receive Nu Naturals body soap.  I had this sitting on a shelf for a few days and every time I walked by, I thought, “wow, something over here smells amazing!” and then would be reminded that the soap was there.  The soap smells great and is gentle on my skin, while doing a great job of cleansing.

Nu Naturals Bar Soap

Tranquility Blend Essential Oil

As a busy mom, the tranquility blend is just what I needed.  “This unique blend provides peace and calming during times of stress.”  You can use in carrier oils or in a diffuser.  This blend contains Orange, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and other ingredients that smell wonderful and have a nice soothing effect.


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