It is not unusual to get stressed. Maybe you’ve had an argument with your friend, been reproached by your boss or your day just didn’t go the way you wanted it to go. Whatever the reason, it is essential that you know how to contain your stress and get rid of it before it affects other aspects of your life. One of the most used methods of managing stress is the use of stress balls.

Stress Balls Stress ReductionPhoto credit: Lewis Ronald [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Stress balls are small squeezable balls that may also be thrown or rolled. They are a convenient method of reducing stress and elevating your moods when you feel low. What’s more, you get to exercise the muscles of your hand in the process. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Indications that you are stressed out

There are signs that you can use to tell if you or someone else is stressed out. It is worth noting that stress is a health hazard and has been associated with diabetes, cardiovascular complications, asthma, as well as accelerated aging. When stressed out, most people tend to feel angry, become easily irritated and get withdrawn. Some of the warning signs include:

  • Insomnia
  • Trouble paying attention
  • Headaches and neck stiffness
  • Lost interest for work
  • Rampant mood swings, depression and symptoms of anxiety

How do stress balls help in reducing stress?

Stress balls have been used to help reduce stress for many years and the results are impressive. The following is how a stress ball plays an important role in reducing stress:

Act as a distraction

When stressed, people’s thoughts and feelings always revolve around the very thing that has upset them. The first step to stress reduction is trying to forget what got you upset in the first place, and that is where a stress ball comes in handy. It is a convenient distraction and your mind will be thinking about what is in your hands instead.

Enhance release of endorphins

Repeated squeezing of a stress ball will cause the hand to start aching, and a message will be sent to the brain to release endorphins. This chemical plays an important role in reducing stress. As a result, one gets a mood boost.

Help release tension in the muscles

The squeezing of the stress ball, which involves clenching it in your palm and releasing it, makes the muscles around the hand, fingers and the wrist tighten up and relax. This plays a significant role in reducing stress, anxiety, and strain. The small size of the squeeze balls makes them convenient for use in your office and almost everywhere.

Form of exercise

One great way of dealing with stress and significantly reducing it is by exercising. It is important in improving the circulation of blood and therefore oxygen to your brain. That is exactly what the squeeze balls do. What’s more, you won’t attract attention when using them since they are small. You just need to do a few squeezes while taking deep breaths and you will be okay.


Marvin Davidson is a renowned psychologist and therapist. He writes about some of the effective ways of managing stress including stress reduction using stress balls. You can read more of his posts here.