My daughter was thrilled to receive a gift card to Billy Beez, an indoor play area that recently came to Albany, NY.  While there are several locations around the US, this one is located in Crossgates Mall.

Billy Beez

You pay in the lobby, and each person is given a bracelet with an identification number (both children and adults). 

billy Beez Front

My kids (ages 8 and 10) were each $20, and I was $6.95.  Although the price covers a full day at Billy Beez, I did think it was expensive (which is what other parents had mentioned earlier).

Billy Beez

The kids were super excited to get started, and immediately started running and playing.  There is a coat room with cubbies to stash your shoes, jackets, etc.

Billy Beez Hallway

There are lots of different things to do, from slides to tunnels, tubes and more.  The kids loved exploring everything there.


The kids also played in the ball area, where you can shoot and collect balls.

Billy Beez

There is a play village with pretend kitchens, stores, and more.  Lots of fun for kids to use their imaginations and play make believe.

Billy Beez

There is an arcade with a variety of games too.

Billy beez Arcade

There is a cafe at Billy Beez, and while we did not eat there, it had a basic menu which is a great option for when the kids get hungry.

Billy Beez Cafe

My kids and their friends played for about two hours before they were tired and hungry.  They had spent the majority of time running, climbing, and screaming, so I fully anticipated that they would be tired out.  We stopped for a lunch break and then returned for another hour of play, before the kids decided to call it quits.

In order to leave, you need to show your wrist bands before an attendant opens the gates.  This is a great way to make sure the kids stay safe and leave only with the adults that they came with.

The kids had a blast, and while the price was expensive, it was a nice treat for the kids.  I can see the cost adding up fast if you have a couple adults and kids, and spend money on the entry fee, food, arcade, and so on.

It was a fun way for them to spend time with friends and get a lot of physical activity on a day off from school.  The whole facility was very clean, everything seemed very safe and well-maintained, and I was also quite happy that the temperature was cool inside (not hot and stuffy).

You can visit Billy Beez at

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