Have you ever spent hours ransacking your wardrobe for what to wear? No, it wasn’t because you didn’t have enough clothes in there. Chances are you had too many stylish, trendy clothes that just didn’t fit the occasion.

You see, there are wardrobe essentials every teen should have, staple pieces you’ll always find useful year in, year out. Imagine always going for colorful trends that go out of style within a few months. The result? A closet that’s full with clothes you no longer want to wear.

So in this blog post, we highlight the top wardrobe essentials every teen should have, for  boys and girls alike.


So, we’ll start with tops. Basic t-shirts are the wardrobe essentials for every teenager, whether male or female. With a basic tee, you can style up so many outfits. Go for solid colors like white, black, gray, brown, and navy. Ideally, there should be several tees in your wardrobe.

A quality sweatshirt is the next wardrobe essential you want to go for. Whether it’s a regular one or an oversized hoodie, you can pair a good sweatshirt with any kind of pants or shorts.

For teen boys, jackets are a wardrobe must-have. As a young guy, a denim or varsity jacket can make you look tougher and more confident, something you most likely desire.

Flannels are essentials; there are great men’s flannel shirts and women’s flannel shirts. As a girl, it’s great to add at least one colorful dress to your closet.


Denim jeans are a must-have wardrobe item everyone should have, regardless of age and gender. Don’t only go for blue alone; get some blacks, too. You can style denim in any outfit, season, and occasion.

Stylish shorts, sweatpants, and joggers are also staples for teenagers as they’re comfortable. Go for basic colors.

Every teenage girl should have a pair of leggings. They’re great for after-school activities, lounging, and traveling. If you’re a guy, add a few pairs of chinos to your closet for casual settings. Black, pastel, beige, and khaki are some of the best colors for chinos.


White Sneakers are a must-have for teenagers as they offer such a stylish look, regardless of the outfit. Whether you’re in shorts, gym wear, or denim, a pair of white sneakers makes you stand out.

Boots can make you look and feel more mature if this is your desire. Chelsea boots are the perfect wardrobe essentials for teen guys.

As a teenage girl, ensure you have versatile flats in your wardrobe; they are a wardrobe essential as you can pair them with almost any outfit. They add a polished look to your style.

Stylish backpack

A good backpack can elevate your high school look, so go for a high-quality one, preferably waterproof. Do not take this wardrobe essential for granted, as a worn or not-so-good-looking backpack can dent your otherwise bright outfit. Popular choices include a Kanken bag or Jansport backpack.


After putting on your basic tee, jacket, denim jeans, and crazy-good sneakers, what finishing touches should you include? Here are some essential accessories to add to your wardrobe:

  • Sunglasses
  • A classic watch (preferably leather) that can work for all outfits
  • Caps (pro tip for teenage guys: match your cap with the color of your varsity jacket to look smart)
  • Bracelets and trendy handbags (for teenage girls)

Remember never to go overboard when using accessories. If you love jewelry, stick with a necklace, bracelet, and ring. Wearing more than two necklaces or rings per outfit is not always a great idea.

You also want to avoid buying only bright-colored clothes as they can be hard to match. And go for what fits you, not what’s trending. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, it’s best not to leave your home in it.