I am a participant as and Evite Influencer and was compensated in exchange for my time. All opinions are my own. 

Celebrations are such a great way to bring friends and family together.  We are a big Evite fan, because it is so easy to get invites out an organize a get together.  As a busy mom, I appreciate how quick and easy it is to use Evite, and also to manage the event with things like checking RSVPs and sending reminders.

And now, Evite Donations can also be a wonderful way to support causes.  Evite has joined with Pledgeling to make it easy to have everyone come together to donate to over 10,000 causes!

Creating an Evite – with an Evite Donation – is very easy.  You simply choose an invite, and fill in your information.  Evite already has so many invites to choose from, so you can find a whole range, from charity events to a regular event.  I love all the design choices!

Evite Donations

Once you have chosen an Evite, you can choose a charity already listed, or have one added.  I checked out some of the charities on there, and found a bunch that I am familiar with and would love to support.  With over 10,000, you can find plenty of options to add to your Evite.  My daughter and I have often talked about having a birthday celebration where guests could donate to a cause in lieu of bringing gifts.  This would be the perfect way to arrange that!

Evite Donations

You can create a variety of events and Evites, from casual to formal, or even entirely virtual events!  Evite makes it easy to coordinate everything you need from the invitations to the free tool for donations.

I love how easy it is to use Evite Donations and support the things you care about.

Evite Donations

Evite has already raised over $1 million for charities!  Plus, there is no fee involved with creating and donating through Evite.  With the upcoming holidays, how great would it be to see millions more donated!

Check out Evite and how easy it is to support a great cause!