Birthdays come around every year but the amusement that comes with them never fades. They are the perfect time to let your young ones know just how much you love and cherish them. The daily parent-child relationship is bitter-sweet inclining more towards the bitter tangent since parents are supposed to groom their kids into amazing individuals. You as a parent might have to be stern to ensure your child takes you seriously. But birthdays are a day to remind them of the sweet side of the relationship! Make your child feel special on their day. A day when you brought something to life; something you can call your own; what’s a better reason for celebration? 

Making your kid’s birthday memorable especially when you have to come up with new ideas every year can be tricky yet very exciting. 

Here we have compiled a few stunning ideas to make your kid’s birthday memorable!

1. Gifts 

Gifts make up the most crucial part of a birthday. One just can’t imagine birthdays without gifts. You don’t have to be told what to get for your kid, you probably have the best idea of what their preferences are, what they have been craving and so on. However, here is an additional inexpensive gift you could present them with- A birthday video compilation gift are extremely heart-warming and can be preserved safely over the years. They not only make the day memorable but also create a memory that can be treasured for a lifetime. To compile a video gift, you can utilize tools that simplify the process and help you create a professional video. 

You can connect with relatives, close family and friends and ask them to film videos of themselves wishing your kid a happy birthday or talking about a fun memory. This will eradicate the problem of distance since you can involve people living in any corner of the world. It is something your child will truly love and if they don’t understand the meaningfulness of it now; they will certainly realize it in the future. Check how to make a birthday video compilation. If your child loves a little brainstorming and adventure; you can set up a gift scavenger hunt and let them have fun as they look for their gifts through hints and clues. 

2. Give them a balloon wake-up call 

Balloons can bring joy to every face no matter how old you are. The assorted coloured balloons can brighten up the day and reflect positivity. Wake your kid to the beautiful sight of balloons flowing over their bed! Scatter balloons over their room at midnight and let them wake to a beautifully decorated room! This will give a wonderful start to their day!

3. Focus on the food you pick for the day 

Children can be very choosy about foods they like. On their birthday, ensure you bring in foods they are crazy about. You could get them breakfast in bed, which could have chocolate or red velvet pancakes or waffles with a scrumptious topping. Decide the menu of their party depending on the cuisine they like. Your child might like continental, Italian, or Chinese. Choose the menu accordingly. You can also mix up the cuisines! If your child has to go to their school; pack their lunchbox with short and sweet notes! 

4. Throw them a surprise birthday party

Who doesn’t like surprises! On your kid’s birthday, plan a surprise party. Make sure you invite only the people your child actually adores and likes, call in the cool grandparents, fun friends, amazing aunt and so on. You could choose a theme for the party. If your child is a Potter head, Marvel fan, a fan of the modern family or any other TV show or film; ask the invitees to dress up as the characters of the show, set the décor of the room adhering to the theme and let your child enter the house and scream their lungs out of excitement!

5. Pursue their favourite activity or take them out 

If your child has a long-awaited dream of visiting a certain place; blindfold them and drive them to the place. Watch as the huge smile spreads across their face when you untie the blindfold! It could be an amusement or theme park, a themed Café, a wildlife safari, a nature trail or trek and so on. Pursue whatever your child likes to do. If they love movies, take them out for one; if they like playing; take them to an entertainment arena where they can engage in VR gaming, bowling, laser tag and so on! 

6. Give them something personalized 

At the end of the day which has been a total success; when they finally get in bed; present them with something very personalized. It could be a letter where you’ve poured your heart out, a hamper of personal things, photographs and memories, a journal consisting of fun memories etc.

Lastly; remember you do not have to go overboard to make your kid’s birthday memorable. Sometimes, simple and meaningful gestures create long-lasting memories; and as long as you put your heart into it; it’s going to be impeccable!