We see all kinds of trends and things popping up all the time in the beauty industry. Mostly, it’s new makeup or skincare trends that come alive thanks to Tik Tok. But, there’s one beauty trend that’s gathering a lot of pace and intriguing lots of people. 

You may have heard of things like Med Spas or Medi Spas over the last few months or years. They’re a new type of beauty treatment center that combines medical and spa treatments together. Instead of going to a beauty parlor and getting a standard facial, you get one done by a medical expert at sunsimayamd.com, using the right kinds of innovative techniques/products.

Loads of people are confused when it comes to medi spa beauty treatments. What exactly are they and are they worth checking out? In today’s blog, we’ll explain what these treatments are, give a few examples, and then decide if they’re genuinely beneficial or just another crazy beauty trend. 

What are medi spa beauty treatments? 

In simple terms, medi spa treatments are beauty treatments done through medical means. 

Imagine going to a normal spa or beauty center. Here, your treatments will largely include applying products that you can buy at a drugstore. At a medi spa, the medical nature of the treatments means they’re a) done by licensed medical professionals, and b) involve things you can’t really do yourself. They’re more advanced and can involve things like injections, laser treatment, etc. 

What are some of the most common medi spa treatments? 

To be honest, the easiest way to explain medi spa beauty treatments is by showing a few examples. Genuinely, there are almost too many to count. So, here’s a selection of the most common and popular treatments: 

Dermal Fillers

Fillers have been around for a while and involve injecting the patient with a liquid that plumps up a specific area. More often than not, people go for lip fillers. As lip filler expert, Arash Akhavan, MD states, these fillers can be used for everything from the subtle hydration of lips to creating a fuller, plumper appearance. 

You can also get fillers in other parts of your body. Some may want injections in their cheeks or forehead to add more smoothness and plumpness to the area. Or, they can be used to reshape your chin and give it more structure. 

Fillers aren’t permanent, so repeat visits are needed to continue seeing the effects. However, when done correctly, they do produce great results. You can look younger and your face may appear less saggy. If you want lip fillers, they do a great job of adding plumpness. 


Funnily enough, people confuse Botox and dermal fillers all the time. Fillers are injections that literally fill part of your face with a solution – normally hyaluronic acid. It stays in place before naturally draining away after a few weeks or months. 

Botox is completely different. Yes, it’s an injection, but it’s classified as a neurotoxin. This means it has an effect on your central nervous system. Without getting too scientific, Botox is designed to block nerve signals, stopping your muscles from contracting. It’s typically injected into the face to prevent the tiny facial muscles from moving. This stops you from frowning or making other expressions that can wrinkle your skin. 

It clearly works, but some people go overboard when they use it. Again, it isn’t permanent – most Botox injections wear off after three months. 

Laser Hair Removal

For whatever reason, we’re obsessed with hair removal. No doubt you spend hundreds of dollars a year on replacement razor heads or waxing kits. Laser hair removal is a medi spa treatment that makes hair removal much easier. Also Read: Learn More About Montreal laser hair removal.

Effectively, special lasers are used to kill the hair follicles in areas of your body. This stops them from entering the growth cycle, meaning you grow fewer hairs. Multiple treatments are needed to ensure as many hairs are targeted as possible – it only works on hairs during a specific stage in the growth cycle. 

The beauty of this is that it doesn’t hurt and you never have to worry about cutting your skin or dealing with painful waxing strips. Over time, your hair naturally doesn’t grow in the targeted area, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is basically a face mask on steroids. Well, not literally – no drugs are used in these peels, don’t worry! 

When you use a face mask, you tend to either apply a mask onto your face and then peel it off. Or, you get those creams that smear on your face, harden, and get peeled off. In both cases, you’re not really using anything special and the masks are designed for exfoliation. 

A chemical peel takes this to the next level. A chemical solution is applied to your face, usually including some type of acid. Don’t worry, it’s not a harmful acid; it’s normally something like glycolic acid that’s really good for your skin. As the peel sets in, it gets deep into your skin and encourages dead cells to lift away. You peel it off and reveal a fresh new layer of skin beneath. 

This is one of the many facial rejuvenation techniques you’ll find at medi spas. It’s highly effective at removing blemishes and making your skin look younger and healthier. You can often get different severities of chemical peels that go deeper and have a more extreme effect. 


Microdermabrasion is one of the strangest medi spa treatments out there. Here, a special tool is used to remove dead skin from your face. This tool usually has little crystals on it that basically sand away at your skin. A suction tool is also included to suck up the skin cells and remove them from the area. 

It sounds pretty graphic, and it can be slightly painful if you’ve never experienced it before. The overall effect is that you end up with smooth and rejuvenated skin. It definitely works, and it’s usually dubbed as one of the facial rejuvenation techniques without chemicals. 


Yep, another treatment that sounds like it’s a form of torture. As the name suggests, microneedling involves tiny little needles. You may be able to guess where they go – in your face. 

Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re getting loads of little injections. The microneedling device pricks your skin and is designed to create tiny wounds. While this sounds awful, there’s some science behind it. These minuscule wounds (that don’t even hurt) encourage blood flow to the area. In turn, this leads to more collagen cells being created, which promotes better skin health. 

Microneedling is commonly used when people want to rejuvenate their facial skin and encourage it to be much tighter and less saggy.  

Body Sculpting

This actually refers to a range of treatments all with the same goal. Body sculpting revolves around non-surgical means of removing fat cells from your body. In essence, it’s seen as an alternative to liposuction. 

Different treatments can be found at different medi spas, but CoolSculpting is one of the most widely used. This treatment involves using a device that freezes fat cells in a target area of your body. The cells are destroyed and leave your body without damaging other tissues in the nearby area. 

It’s usually used on areas of the body prone to stubborn fat that won’t go away with exercise. Your neck, lower back, and lower belly are the usual suspects. It can take a few months to see results, but it genuinely does work! 


Lastly, we’ll talk about sclerotherapy; a medi spa treatment for spider veins. 

Spider veins are small clusters of damaged veins that don’t work properly anymore. They’re relatively harmless and painless, but they don’t look very nice. You end up with blue or purple splodges on your body – usually your legs – and it can make you self-conscious. 

Sclerotherapy is a way of removing these spider veins by injecting a solution that causes them to collapse and be absorbed by the body. It’s one of the few known methods of removing spider veins that actually works!

Are medi spa treatments worth it?

It’s easy to look at these treatments and put them in the same category as other health & beauty trends. 

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that medi spa treatments actually work. They’re backed by science and provided by trained medical professionals. You can argue they are very much worth paying for – but only if you need them. 

If you have problems that make you feel less confident about yourself and your body image, medi spas may help. Yes, you should try other options first, but if none of them work perhaps a medi spa treatment is the answer? Be sure to look at the pros and cons of any treatment before you try it, just be sure you’re making the right decision. 

So, in summary, medi spa treatments are more than just another trend in the beauty industry. They offer unique and innovative ways to treat a range of common concerns. They might not be suited to everyone, but some of you may benefit from giving them a go.