Acne can affect everyone. With its incidence more common as soon as one hits puberty.  According to the latest acne statistics, about 85% of those aged 12 to 24 experience acne breakouts. Many would depend on using different medications to treat their outbreaks. However, it’s crucial to understand that treatment should start with everything one puts inside the body. 

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Your skin can get enough nutrients from our food, especially leafy greens. In case you don’t know yet, some foods do your skin good. 

Foods for Good Skin 

Nutrition is essential for our overall health. An unhealthy diet will negatively affect our metabolism, damage our organs, cause weight gain and loss, and skin deterioration. Experts say that daily diet has a significant effect on the aging and health of our skin.

Here are some foods you should add to your diet if you want food skin. 

1. Red and Yellow Bell Peppers

Red or yellow bell peppers are good sources of beta carotene, an organic pigment abundant in fungi that our bodies convert into vitamin A. Consuming one cup of chopped red bell pepper would equal 156% of the DV for vitamin A

These bell peppers also contain vitamin C, which is what we need to produce protein collagen to keep our skin firm and strong. A cup of sliced bell peppers can provide 211% of the DV for vitamin C. This vitamin can help reduce the risk of dry or wrinkled skin.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have characteristics that help keep our skin healthy. They are good sources of essential fatty acids, which our bodies cannot produce. Fatty acids from nuts and seeds are richer than omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats can reduce inflammation in our bodies, including our skin. 

Walnuts contain nutrients that we need to maintain healthy skin. Consuming one ounce of walnuts provides 8% of the DV for zinc. Zinc is essential to our skin as it helps maintain our skin’s barrier function. Zinc is also great for healing wounds and fighting both inflammation and bacteria.

3. Oysters

Oysters are high in protein, low in calories, and low in fat. They are also rich in copper and build collagen and elastin. Oysters also contain high levels of zinc and collagen. Zinc has tons of anti-inflammatory benefits that help treat acne and other skin conditions. 

The presence of collagen, on the other hand, keeps skin looking healthy and smooth. The collagen you can get from oysters gives you a youthful look. 

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are rich in cocoa flavanols, which are bioactive compounds that you can find in a cacao plant. This plant compound has antioxidant properties that can help blood vessels work properly and support regular blood flow for a healthy brain, heart, and skin. 

People who consume 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate can reduce skin scaliness and roughness, but it has too many calories.

Experts suggest consuming only 1 ounce of dark chocolate to enjoy the benefits of maintaining healthy skin without gaining weight.

5. Red Grapes

Red grapes are good sources of resveratrol, which supports many health benefits, such as reducing aging effects. This fruit can also help reduce the production rate of harmful free radicals that can cause damage to our skin cells and increase the signs of aging.

Red wine also contains this beneficial compound. However, the amount of resveratrol in a glass of red wine will not be enough to promote healthy skin. It also negatively affects our bodies because it is an alcoholic beverage. Many suggest that if you want great health benefits, eating red grapes and berries is best than drinking wine.

Key Takeaways

Keeping our skin healthy is the first defense that you can make against aging. A strong, supple, and beautiful skin needs essential nutrients that you can get from healthy foods. 

Add these food items to your diet, and you’ll soon realize you can have naturally healthy skin.

  • Red and yellow bell peppers provide beta carotene 
  • Nuts and seeds have essential fatty acids
  • Oysters are good sources of protein
  • Dark chocolates have antioxidant properties
  • Red grapes will help reduce skin aging