After a long and decidedly blustery winter, there is nothing like planning for warm spring and summer evenings and if you are fortunate enough to have a conservatory as part of your property, then you get to experience this far sooner than those who do not

With that being said, continue reading to learn of some fun and quirky additions to your conservatory for the summer months ahead. 


A Wood Burning Stove

Depending on the area in the country in which you reside, it may well be the case that are a few weeks of the year whereby you can spend all evening outside in the backyard, and if this sounds like you, then the first suggestion on this list should spark your interest.

Installing a wood burning stove into your conservatory will not only mean that the area will be considerably warmer throughout the year but will also provide a beautiful and homely focal point to the room too. 

When looking for an indoor stove ideal for positioning in your conservatory, be aware of the following:

  • Think about the right size of stove for the layout of the room
  • Consider how airtight the conservatory is and the level of insulation 
  • A high rating of efficiency 
  • A built-in air wash system to keep the glass doors clean and safe 

Choose Bold Colors

Conservatories should be an area of a house whereby the room is multi-functional and can be enjoyed by every single member of the family, not to mention visiting family members and friends. 

Fresh and bold colors are always best for a bright and light conservatory vista, and so splash out a couple of tins of paint and a roller and go about making your conservatory have its own personality and sense of style. 

Bean Bag Chairs

When it comes to seating, giant bean bag chairs are the most entertaining, durable, easy to maintain, and certainly most comfortable investments you could possibly hope to make for your conservatory ready for summer.

Suitable for children and adults alike, you are free to choose from various colors and designs and from smaller, three-foot bean bag sacks to giant, eight-foot models. Bean bag chairs can be helpful for your posture, create a cozy and relaxing corner of the conservatory, and are sure to entertain your children when playing. 

Create a Homely Feel

Rather than becoming a dumping ground for additional boxes of paperwork and other random assortments of odds and ends, your conservatory should always be as important a room in the house as any other.

Introduce ornaments, photographs of friends and family, and other homely, inviting items into the space. Combine this aesthetic with a range of fresh foliage and indoor plants that love the sunshine. 

With these tips in hand, you will create the perfect space in your conservatory in time for the summer months, so all you will have to worry about is relaxing in your fun semi-outdoor space.