If you are soon to leave school and embark on a course of further education, your mind will already be turning to the traditional gap year, when you have the opportunity to gain an insight into the real world. Excitement awaits and for most young people, a trip to an exotic country like Thailand is high on their to do list. If you are soon to be leaving your home shores and venturing into the unknown, here is a list of do’s and don’ts.

Volunteer Opportunities Abroad
  • Do Your Research – Thailand, for example, is an ideal destination for your gap year experience, and by researching about the local customs and traditions, you will be well prepared when you arrive in this enchanting country.
  • Don’t Rush with Selecting an Experience Organiser – If you apply for the very first program you come across, the chances are something will go amiss, and with such an important selection, it is vital that the organiser has adequate experience and resources to ensure the experience is a valuable one for the volunteer. There are a few online gap year volunteer programs, and by choosing an established provider, your trip is sure to be a pleasant one.
  • Do Double Check the Terms and Conditions – It is essential that you fully understand what is provided and what is not, and with things like medical insurance and visa requirements, one needs to be crystal clear regarding these issues. If the organiser is established, they would have an FAQ page on their website which should answer all of your questions, and they would be happy to advise you on what to bring. You might require vaccinations, and if so, the organiser would furnish you with all the details. There are some remote regions in Thailand where Malaria is a risk, but it is always best to ask the trip organiser.
  • Don’t Be Narrow Minded – If you are going to a country like Thailand, for example, always approach the experience with an open mind. It might be the first time you have left your homeland, and by doing some online research about the culture and customs, you will be well prepared when you arrive.
  • Do Pack the Right EssentialsThailand has a tropical climate, and with sweltering hot summers and very wet rainy seasons, make sure you bring suitable clothing. Cotton T shirts are a good idea, and if you don’t have any, you can buy them very cheaply when you arrive in Bangkok.

The experience you will gain from spending time working on local community projects will help to prepare you for your working life, and with so many great places to see, Thailand is the ideal destination for gap year students. With some quick online research, you will soon be ready for what will be an experience that you will never forget.