Sometimes, you might find yourself ‘stuck’ at home for long periods of time, thanks to other responsibilities (such as needing to wait for a boiler repair) and without anything to occupy your time. At these times a home can often feel too restricting – stopping you from all the fun activities that you can suddenly think of, all of which mean leaving your home. 

Fortunately, a home can provide lots of opportunities for hobbies and pastimes. Finding something that you enjoy doing and which is centered around your home will hopefully make the times when you can’t leave more appealing in the future. 


Being at home doesn’t strictly mean that you have to be inside, and if you have an outside space to make the most of, you might find that now is the perfect time to do so. If you haven’t had the time to maintain your garden for a while, then the idea of getting it back under control could be an overwhelming one. One approach could be to consider it a long-term project, and one that can provide you with an immense amount of satisfaction during and at the end – not to mention the health benefits gardening can offer.

What’s more, at the end of the day, you’ll be left with a space that’s a garden paradise, an ideal location for social events, or whatever else you want it to be. 


Painting is another activity which could offer health benefits from a time of focused relaxation. While you might dismiss painting as a hobby if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person, it’s worth reconsidering. You don’t have to approach a blank canvas and create some unseen masterpiece by drawing on your deepest subconscious musings, you can simply enjoy the process of painting through Paint by Number kits. These can give you a stress-free way to spend some time painting and leave you with a result that you’re happy with.

From there, you can explore the option of exploring other avenues of the artistic world if you wish to, but as always, there’s no pressure to do anything other than what you want to.


Unlike the other entries on this list, gaming might not automatically be considered as deeply calming or beneficial in quite the same way. However, it is something that can provide you with an enormous depth of entertainment if you’re open to it. The stereotype of gaming and gamers is incredibly old now – these days many different people enjoy all sorts of gaming. If you haven’t enjoyed or can’t see the appeal of games you’ve already seen, then it may still be worth investigating different genres to find one you do like. If all the gamers you know enjoy first person shooter games, then you might not have come across many puzzle solving titles – and vice versa. 

As with books, movies or music, games can provide that kind of thoughtful emotional resonance, if that’s something that you’re more interested in than gameplay, and looking specifically for those might be more to your taste.