I try to incorporate some eco-friendly gifts in my purchases, and there are some great gift ideas for Valentine’s day that are eco-friendly.  Why not choose something lovely, that also is a little greener?  There are plenty of gifts that are lovely ideas for that special person in your life, that are a little greener. Here are some ideas.


Bags are a great way to go greener in general, so that you aren’t using as many disposable bags.  Even paper bags use up resources, so why not choose something else. A nice bag reduces the need for single-use bags.  You can also find some neat bags that are recycled or repurposed, such as bags made from billboard signs or recycled plastic.

House & Yard

There are lots of great housewares that are eco-friendly, from candles to upcycled drinking glasses, to a new glass water bottle. You can also find plenty of gifts for the yard that help to attract wildlife, such as a bird bath or some bird houses. There are also wonderful items that attract pollinators, such as perennial flowers and butterfly houses.

Local Products

Shopping local – also known as being a locavore – is a great way to support the local economy and local products, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. Visit small businesses and farmers markets to help support local artisans. Buying locally acquired items reduces the amount that item has had to travel, significantly reducing carbon emissions, and supports the local economy.

Body Products

There are many ideas for body products that are great gifts.  Local, handmade soaps are a wonderful idea, supporting small businesses. But there are plenty more things to find, from bath bombs to skincare.

Sweets & Treats

Local sweets are a nice way to support local businesses.  You can also find fair trade, sustainable chocolates and other sweets. Gourmet goods from local vendors are also thoughtful, and you are likely to find a variety of nice items at a local Farmer’s Market.


Flowers are likely out of season on Valentine’s Day in colder climates.  However, you can still support local florists, as many struggle with their Valentine flower sales. Another idea is to purchase a potted plant, such as a houseplant or something that can be planted outdoors.  Or perhaps a gift card to a local plant nursery.

Intangible Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts don’t have to be a material item. You can make a coupon book for things to do, such as a romantic picnic or tickets to see a concert. Or perhaps something else special to do together.

Eco-friendly Gifts

If your significant other really loves eco-friendly items to begin with, it might be a good time to purchase items on their wishlist! For example, a countertop compost bin or reusable food wraps.