Looking for a replacement automatic transmission? Maybe you’re upgrading a high-performance vehicle, such as a street rod or race car. Perhaps your stock transmission has failed and your vehicle is sidelined. Either way, your automatic transmission replacement is easier to find than you may think. This short guide explores remanufactured and performance transmission options that help turn your car or truck into the machine of your dreams. 

Remanufactured Transmissions

A remanufactured transmission is an excellent option for upgrading or replacing your existing system. Contrary to common belief, remanufactured transmissions are different than models that are simply sold as used. They’re reconstructed from top to bottom by a qualified provider, bringing them back to OEM specifications. Once a transmission unit arrives at a remanufacturing facility, it undergoes a specific process:

  • The transmission unit is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The unit is inspected to confirm its condition.
  • Skilled technicians reconstruct the unit using high-quality components.
  • Remanufactured transmissions are inspected and tested.

Benefits of Remanufactured Transmissions

 A remanufactured transmission offers several advantages. Most versions come with factory warranties, which typically last around three years. Some of these warranties include unlimited mileage. Depending on your vehicle’s existing warranty, you may benefit from both its warranty and your remanufactured transmission unit’s coverage. Is it better to buy a used or rebuilt transmission? The first concern is price. Although remanufactured transmissions are less expensive.

Many remanufactured transmissions are also lower priced than brand-new models. However, they’re more rigorously tested for performance and functionality than rebuilt or used versions. When you purchase a remanufactured model, you can install it under your hood with confidence.

Popular automatic models include ATK Engines’ GM 4L60E and the GM 6L80, both designed for General Motors vehicle makes such as Chevy, GMC and Pontiac. With routine upkeep, your replacement transmission lasts for years to come. 

Performance Transmissions

If you need a transmission that withstands harsher operating conditions than your vehicle’s stock model, a performance transmission is a worthy option to consider. High-performance transmissions are usually for racing applications: drag, street, track and other environments. 

Your preferred supplier should stock a wide range of performance transmission components. You can purchase these individually and reconstruct yours at home if you have a moderate or extensive amount of experience under the hood. Complete performance transmissions are also available in both automatic and manual versions.

Advantages of Performance Transmissions

Performance transmissions offer improved durability, reliability and smoother operation than their stock counterparts. They also take less time to shift between gears. As a result, you enjoy smoother and faster acceleration.

While high-performance transmissions are primarily intended for racing applications, everyday drivers can benefit from that improved dependability — you’re far less likely to break down by the side of the road, especially during extended long-distance drives. Manufactured to meet strict standards, your new transmission provides you with peace of mind. 

Where To Buy Your Mods

Your preferred retailer of high-performance auto parts can supply you with other essentials such as replacement body panels, air intake manifolds, exhaust components and fuel injection upgrades. Be sure to shop at a trusted supplier with an extensive inventory of high-quality products plus friendly and knowledgeable customer service professionals.