Enrolling your kids in music classes is a big step for their future. It is proven that music has a direct impact on a child’s development. There is thousands of research on the positive impacts of the different musical instruments on health, brain development, memory, and more aspects of life. 

Statistics show that children who attend music classes have stronger social skills, flexible thinking, and better socialize and work in teams. If you want to take your kids to music lessons in Nashua, NH, check out Virtuoso Kids, which not only provides music lessons but also offers amazing programs for your kids.

Why is Music Education Important?

Having music as a curriculum at school, or not, is a controversial theme among different schools in the world. Studies show that schools that include music as a curriculum have a 93.3% attendance rate, and it is not by accident. 

When looking at the scientific studies, you will see that music has a positive impact on the brain and different aspects of a child’s life. Kids who are involved in different music classes are more likely to get further education. Surely, music education is an asset and offers a great array of benefits.

  1. Increasing Kid’s IQ

The relation between your Kids’ IQ and learning a musical instrument is quite high. There are various analyses and studies on it. Some statements claim that kids who play a certain musical instrument improve various areas of their intelligence and IQ by 10%. This is evident even if your kids have just started to understand some basics of music. One of the reasons for this is that learning music helps to exercise brain muscles and develops wider thinking.

  1. Boosting Different Skills

A lot of studies prove the strong relation between music and different skills for your child: teamwork, language development, social skills, motor skills, coordination, focus, adjustment, and more. Children who attend music classes have a better sense of social unity. Group music classes help children to get patience and tolerance, which positively impact their daily life. Another study shows that music training brings a wide range of advantages in improving grades, and fundamental math skills, and helps to have better achievements in other school disciplines.

  1. Improving Memory

Listening and playing music have a direct connection to the part of the brain which is responsible for memory and emotions. No matter if your child is forgetful, or just needs to learn and memorize things faster, music can be quite helpful. Besides, music lessons help to have less screen time, which is also linked to better memory. Apart from being a fun activity, playing a musical instrument can become a great workout for the brain and help to enhance mental health.

  1. Developing Self-Awareness and Creativity

Learning music indirectly makes your kids better decision-makers. By developing different skills, music helps to look at things from other perspectives. It can impact both internal and external self-awareness, including kids’ thoughts, feelings, perception, value, as well as creative thinking. These are important factors in different stages of your kids’ development. With the enhancements of their skills in playing a musical instrument, these positive changes become more vital. 

  1. Building Confidence and Social Skills

Active engagement with music, no matter if it is playing an instrument, singing, or listening to music, helps in intellectual, social, and personal interactions. By boosting confidence and helping to relieve stress, children become more socially engaged, which impacts their life quality.  Music classes help kids better interact even in the most complex situations. Some music classes are designed aiming for children to work together which brings a sense of empathy with others. Besides, attending music lessons helps children to gain social and emotional awareness, which impacts interpersonal communication.


Attending music classes promises a wide range of benefits to people of different ages. People who find music education important have a great chance to succeed in various spheres. Different researches and studies prove the positive impacts of music on the brain and body. Due to it, kids maximize their learning abilities and improve memory. 

Music is more than the art of arranging sounds, it is one of the best investments you can make for your kid’s development.