Whenever you look at a gossip magazine, you see a celebrity mom that has sprung back into perfect shape weeks after giving birth. It looks like they were never even pregnant. So, is it possible for you to do the same? 

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Give Yourself Time

Don’t expect to snap back into shape as quickly as some celebrities. It will take longer than a few weeks. Your body just went through a huge endeavour—and it’s not over yet. Your hormones are still adjusting. Your body is still healing from the demands of labour. And you’re going through the first growing pains of parenthood.

Remember: most celebrities have personal trainers, chefs and nannies at their beck and call. These all make getting back into pre-baby shape a lot easier.


Talk to your doctor when you’re ready to exercise again. Your body will still be healing weeks after giving birth, so you shouldn’t rush into a strenuous workout routine. Ease into it. 

Focus on exercises that can help you recover from the effects of childbirth and improve your general discomfort. For instance, doing yoga stretches can help relieve low-back pain and tight hips, and abdominal exercises can heal diastasis recti (the separation of abdominal muscles).

Eat Right

Strive to have a healthy, well-balanced diet. It will give you the energy to maintain your exercise routine and take care of your baby — this is especially true when you’re breastfeeding.

Get Some Sleep

You need to get enough sleep. It will help you heal from the effects of childbirth faster. It will also boost your energy and mood when you need it most. 

This is easier said than done with a new baby. How can you get enough sleep with a fussy newborn? If you have a partner, try to take care of the baby in shifts so that one of you can catch some shut-eye. You should also ask for help from family and friends. If they can watch the baby for a few hours, you can catch a quick nap. 

Consider Cosmetic Solutions

Diet and exercise can help you lose some of your baby weight and tone your muscles. They can’t get rid of loose skin. They can’t lift breasts that have drooped. They can’t add volume to breasts that have gotten flatter.

This is where cosmetic solutions come in handy. If your body isn’t “snapping back” on its own, you should consider booking a consultation for a mommy makeover at a top cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto. What’s a mommy makeover? A mommy makeover is a customizable combination of surgeries that can help moms address certain changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth. 

So, moms who are not happy with their breasts drooping after breastfeeding can opt for a breast lift in their mommy makeover. Moms who feel like their breasts are flat or deflated can get a breast augmentation. Moms can get tummy tucks to get rid of excess skin around their bellies and tighten their weak abdominal muscles. 

There are so many options! Talk to your surgeon during your consultation to discuss what results you’re looking for. 

Adjust Your Expectations

In the end, it might not be possible to revert your body to the exact state that it was at pre-pregnancy. And that’s okay!

Aspire to be the best version of yourself now, not a past version of yourself. You can still feel confident, happy and beautiful whenever you look in the mirror.