First time dog owners are usually extremely excited to be with their dog pets but taking care of them can be a little daunting at first. Some of the few challenges most first time dog pet owners experience comes with bathing their dog pets. One of the most prominent questions they always ask is how often to give their dog a bath.

How Often Should Dog Owners Bath Their Pets?

Except the dog has had a lot of fun by playing in the mud, the dog owner does not need to give their pets a bath more than once in a month though it varies depending on the dog’s specie. Dogs that are more fury with longer coats will need to be given a bath more often. Still confused, make sure to seek professional advice from a grooming expert. Now that this has been cleared, how can one go about the bathing process?

Giving Your Dog Pet A Proper Wash

After choosing the right place and the right products which includes the Dash Dog Wash, the real fun is about to commence and is here a recommended bathing process.

Put the dog pet in their washing station or in a tub before commencing the process proper.

Dilute The Shampoo With Water

Try to add some Dash Dog Wash in a bowl full of water. Diluting the shampoo will help in spreading it properly on the dog’s body. The dog wash is somehow thick and concentrated hence diluting the shampoo will make it way easier to spread or use. 

Wet Your Dog Using Warm Water

 It is important to wet the dog properly with warm water before washing. Check the temperature of the water using the hand to see how warm the water is.

Shampoo The Dog Twice

Shampoo usually clings with the dirt during the first time it is applied and aids in getting rid of the dirt. The second round of smearing the remaining shampoo on the skin is to properly wash the dog’s body so as to extract all the leftover dirt and oil in the dog’s hair.

The dog owner can as well use a soft sponge so they can properly spread the shampoo over the dog’s body. Also focus on washing areas like the dog’s feet, their belly and their armpit. Also use this opportunity to give them a good massage on their entire body.

Use conditioner

The next thing to do is to apply some conditioner on the dog’s body and leave it there for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

Rinse Properly Until All The Products On The Fur Are Out

While it might be a lot of fun to be scrubbing them with shampoo and sponge, it is also important to make sure all the wash is out by rinsing the dog properly. Failure to do so can cause the dog to become irritated.


When washing the dog’s fur, it is important to concentrate on their armpits, bellies and even their face which is quite a sensitive area to wash. Make sure to rinse them properly with warm water so they can enjoy their warm bath.