Digital technology has become so ubiquitous that it seems to have transformed almost every aspect of modern life. It’s made global communication easier, provided endless forms of entertainment, expedited shopping, automated many work-related tasks, and made travel safer and easier. Yet despite these sweeping changes, society has become almost oblivious to it, taking it for granted. This is a shame because the strategic use of digital devices can significantly improve the quality of your life.  

Here are some examples of digital devices that can improve your driving experience, improve your quality of sleep, and improve your health and fitness. 

How Tech Can Improve Your Driving Experience

Although driving a car is not as complicated as flying a plane, drivers still love an “informative” dashboard, a range of gauges that let them monitor the performance of their vehicle. Unfortunately, carmakers have struggled with outfitting cars with impressive dashboards because there simply isn’t enough dashboard real estate to add more than a few gauges.

But all this has changed with the invention of the digital dash. Now, you can retire your limited dashboard with its oversized gauges and replace it with a modern LCD dashboard that lets you monitor numerous metrics at a glance, such as speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), water temperature, and voltage. You can even customize units and ranges on the gauges so they work for you.

How Tech Can Enhance Your Sleep-Wake Cycle 

When it comes to improving health and well-being, most people focus on fundamental things like eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and using proven practices like meditation to mitigate stress, but they undermine the benefits of all these healthy habits by not paying enough attention to the quality of their sleep.

Home technology can help remind you of the value of winding down for a good night’s rest. It can automate your home by drawing the curtains and dimming the lights around bedtime to cue your body to wind down for the night. This centralized home system can also wake you up by programming your curtains and lights to gently rouse you to seize the day. You will no longer need an alarm to jar you out of your peaceful slumber. 

How Tech Can Upgrade Your Health and Fitness 

When you’re in the park, walking or running, you quickly get the impression that all the fit people around you have a smartwatch. Fitness trackers are all the rage for a good reason: they encourage you to commit to working out.

While some are designed as elegantly as high-end wristwatches, smartwatches aren’t just fashion accessories; they provide high functionality, outfitting you with a means to gather invaluable data to monitor your health and fitness goals.

While you’ll notice that you feel increasingly better from one week to the next, with greater strength, energy, and stamina, and while your tape measure will show you how much slimmer you’ve become, and while your mirror will reflect a more toned physique and a visage glowing with good health, it’s always nice to get statistical confirmation, too. The Apple Watch, for example, will give you precise information on improvement to your heart health through electrocardiogram (ECG) data. Meanwhile, a Fitbit watch can help you evaluate how many hours of deep REM sleep you are getting every night. 

The Many Benefits of Digital Devices

Perhaps it is time to retire our urban myths about how technology is making our lives worse. For instance, there is plenty of negative press about how technology is making us dumber. The goldfish urban myth suggests that digital distractions have given us an attention span inferior to goldfish. Ironically, few people take a close enough look at such findings to realize its absurdity.

Perhaps it’s time to renew our appreciation for what tech can do for us. Perhaps we should actively seek digital devices that will encourage us to thrive. And perhaps it’s time to embrace the future rather and appreciate all the wonderful toys now at our disposal to enhance the quality of our lives.