Parents always try to provide their babies with the best conditions for further healthy growth. It is not a secret that most of them prefer organic food. More than ninety percent of parents choose products labeled “Organic” or “Bio.” It is evident that providing a baby with all essential nutrients significantly impacts immune system development. 

Organic production

Nowadays, grocery stores and online shopping offer an extensive selection of organic products, especially for babies.

What is Organic Food?

Organic food ingredients are natural and have been grown or manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions, without using or with the minimal (allowed) amount of fertilizers, pesticides, growth stimulants, GMOs.

Is Organic Food Better for Babies?

  • It is strictly forbidden to add chemical flavors, colors, flavor enhancers, thickeners, preservatives, and stabilizers to its composition. (The only exceptions are certain additives that are allowed by food standards)
  • Organic baby food has a higher nutritional value than conventional food and also tastes different.
  • Organic food contains a larger amount of fiber, trace elements, and vitamins.

How is Organic Food produced?

Often, organic products are associated with agricultural products. All organic food must be certified, whether grown by a large farm or a small private farmer (excluding it raised by your grandmother in the garden)

If you think that organic food can only be grown by small farms, you are deeply mistaken. Sometimes a large industrial manufacturer can be a more reliable supplier than a small private farm. The fact is that large enterprises are required to obtain certificates of “Organic” production, and small companies may not provide the appropriate certification.

Organic Baby Food in EU

Every parent is very demanding about the baby’s nutrition. And while the baby is breastfeeding, there are no nutritional issues. But when the moment comes to weaning, many parents are overwhelmed with feeding their baby healthily.

Firstly, it is important to speak with a pediatrician to provide balanced nutrition essential for the baby’s needs. Organic components in baby food are an excellent alternative and work better for the infant’s digestive system.

The label “Organic” or “Bio” is a visible difference between organic and non-organic food that helps find goods with clean ingredients.

Such labeling means that the product has passed the appropriate test, is recognized as organic, and received the corresponding certificates. 

More information can be found on the page: Different Levels Of Organic Certification In Europe

As it was mentioned before, modern online stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets offer Organic Baby Food from different manufacturers. But, unfortunately, there are still not as many reliable brands as we would like. 

European Organic Baby Formula

For the last few years, EU Organic Formulas have become an option for some American parents.

The development of Biodynamic Organic Farming and strict food safety standards in the EU ensure a wide range of high-quality organic foods. In particular, the European Infant Formula is closer to breast milk based on organic cow’s milk. There are also different options for babies with cow’s milk protein intolerance – goat’s milk formula is one of them. According to EU standards for organic food, the Baby Formula does not contain corn syrup, sucrose, glucose, and fructose.

What is the best European Organic Baby Formula?

Different brands are offering organic formulas, but the most reliable are HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

European Baby Formula

HIPP products are manufactured in many countries. The range of baby foods is extensive, including both organic and non-organic foods. This brand is very responsible for the manufactured products, checking them at every stage of production. And even before getting to the consumer, each product undergoes a final control.

Holle Formula is a German brand that has been producing baby food for over 85 years. Today you can find more than 80 organic products by Holle, including Baby Formulas based on cow and goat milk, porridges, baby snacks, and products for nursing mothers.

Lebenswert Infant Formula and cereals are produced following the directives of the Bioland Association. All other organic Lebenswert products are certified organic and meet strict organic farming requirements.

Choosing high-quality food for babies is essential to carefully learn the information on the packaging, expiration dates, compositions, and designations. Even a tiny label like “Bio” means so much to babies’ health.

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