We discovered paletas a few years ago on a trip to Mexico. What a delicious treat! These aren’t your typical popsicles; they are a frozen Mexican treat that are rich and flavorful. We went to a paleta shop in Tulum, Mexico, with lots of neat flavors to choose from. Since our trip, we have enjoyed the occasional paleta, but we also can’t wait to go back to Mexico to a true paleta shop.

We have also bought paletas on the beach on Isla Holbox, Mexico.

I was excited to hear about a new book from the Grammy award-winning children’s musician, Lucky Diaz. Available June 1, 2021, Paletero Man is a story dedicated to those tasty treats!

We have been enjoying great music from Lucky Diaz for years. His artistic and creative talents shine in this unique story, and Paletero Man is inspired by Diaz’ song by the same name.

Check out the Paletero Man video here:

The story is about a boy looking for the Paletero Man. It is a hot day and he would love a refreshing treat. However, he loses his money, so there is an adventure involved.

Illustrated by Micah Player, the book is bright and engaging. With lots of vivid colors and catchy images, this is the perfect summertime book!

Paletero Man has Spanish phrases and words throughout as well. Great way to learn some new Spanish or for bi-lingual families to enjoy the story in different languages.

Check out this video for more information:

Check out Lucky Diaz’ website.

Check out Paletero Man at Harper Collins website.