New parents often have very high stress levels. As wonderful as babies are, having a newborn enter your life can be overwhelming to say the least. If you are in desperate need of some tips on how to parent in a stress-free way, read on.

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  1. Understand that Breastfeeding can be Draining

New mums often feel pressured to nourish their babies by breastfeeding exclusively. While the videos you watched at your pre-birth classes make breastfeeding look effortless, ask any new mum and they will tell you that breastfeeding can be difficult. This is especially true in the beginning.

For instance, you need to feed your baby multiple times per day and be available to them all the time. That’s why it can help for busy moms to substitute some feeds with a bottle. While breastfeeding is desirable, there is no harm in using infant formula now and then.

Also, try not to judge moms who seek some sanity by choosing to exclusively use infant formula to feed their baby. You likely do not understand the emotional or physical troubles that mother is facing. Don’t feel bad if you are that parent either because formula still allows you to nourish your child. 

When it comes to issues like this, the more supportive and understanding you are of the parents in your circle, the more support and understanding you will get in return. 

  1.  Say Yes to Help

No one ever said you need to handle every hurdle by yourself just because you’re the parents. Your parents, aunts, and grandmothers are likely willing to help as they understand how stressful the adjustment phase is. Allow them to lend a hand. Doing so will allow you to get the rest and recuperation you deserve.

  1. Sleep Your Way to Stress-Free Parenting

While older members of your family might advise that you sleep while your baby sleeps, this isn’t always ideal and it can sometimes cause far more stress. You do need to catch up on sleep as a parent, but it’s best to sleep only when you are sleepy.

Ask a family member for help if you are drained. It is better to take care of your baby while your mind is alert and steer clear of looking after your baby alone if your mind is too drained to do the task properly.

  1. Plan Your Way to Normalcy

When babies come into your life, they have to adjust to your routines as much as you must adjust to their arrival. Luckily, you don’t have to give up anything to be a great parent. 

You may not be able to start exercise again immediately, but once you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your doctor and picked up a good quality maternity sports bra, the best thing you can do for yourself is resume your workouts. Be sure to add in all the other daily habits that are important to you.  

  1. Take a Shower and Know You Have a Purpose

Many new parents make the mistake of thinking their lives must revolve around the baby’s needs at the expense of their own. However, if you fail to keep up with basic things like personal hygiene and self-care, this can leave you feeling more stressed.

There’s no need to neglect yourself and forget about your needs. Make sure you have time to take a shower every day, handle your basic personal care needs, and fit in a little something extra by way of self-care. Tip 2 should help you master this. 

There are no boxes that you need to check as a new parent, so avoid unnecessary stress and just do your best.